Nick Lee Husband: Amouranth Is “Free” And On Hiatus

After wresting control of her social media and financial accounts away from her spouse, the Twitch streamer Amouranth has decided to take a break from the platform.

In a broadcast on October 15, Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa and who is 28 years old, claimed that her husband Nick Lee had been abusive toward her, claiming that he had forced her to stream and threatened to “burn” her millions of dollars in earnings and kill her dogs if she did not comply with his wishes.

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during the course of the broadcast, Siragusa had a phone conversation with Lee, who could be heard yelling and cursing at Siragusa, accusing her of lying about his behavior, and demanding she to leave their home immediately. He also demanded that she leave their home immediately.

In addition, Siragusa disclosed the purported text messages that her ex-boyfriend allegedly sent her. In these messages, he allegedly referred to her as a “dumb fuck” and claimed that he was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of her money as a form of retaliation for the fact that she did not call him back.

That stream marked the first time that Siragusa, who has roughly 6 million followers and has been a creator on Twitch since 2016, officially stated that she was married. She claimed that Lee wanted her to keep their relationship a secret because it could “ruin the business model”

that allows her to make upwards of one million dollars per month on OnlyFans, in addition to earning revenue from lifestyle, ASMR, and hot tub Twitch streams. She also claimed that Lee wanted her to keep their relationship a secret because it could “ruin the business model” for OnlyFans.

The live broadcast that Siragusa did on October 15 finished on an alarming note, with an unidentified woman asking her whether she’d taken her medication, and a door in the background of her streaming room beginning to open in the final seconds before the broadcast was cut off.

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On October 18, Siragusa returned to Twitch and informed viewers that Lee was “receiving help” and that she was “seeking legal and emotional counsel.” Siragusa had tweeted on October 17 that the police had become involved in the situation.

In addition to this, she affirmed, “As of today, I have access to all of my accounts and finances again.”

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