Melissa Towne, A Mom Who Is Accused Of Killing Her Daughter In Tomball, Has Had Neighbours Call The Police On Her Before

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) — Nichole, a young girl of 5, is seen in photos appearing happy, but the agony she went through is unfathomable.

Melissa Towne, her mother, is suspected of bringing her to the woods of Spring Creek Park on Sunday, slitting her throat with a knife, and smothering her daughter to death.

When the knife failed to kill Nichole, the prosecution said she strangled her for thirty minutes.

Although Nichole fought her mother and claimed, “I’ve been nice,” her mother told her to “stop fighting it,” according to court documents.

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Continuing, Towne stated that she sat on top of her daughter, covered her mouth with her hand, and put a trash bag over her head. She allegedly took her to the hospital to get rid of her, according to deputies.

Records show that Towne admitted to killing her daughter, Nichole, because she was “evil and didn’t want to deal with her longer.” Nichole’s father had been granted custody of his daughter.

As Stated In A Statement Submitted To Eyewitness News:

Nichole’s father, James, and our family have asked for privacy and respect while they grieve her tragic loss and figure out how to move forward. Nichole was loved by many, including her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and father, and no one could have imagined that such a terrible thing could happen to such a sweet, innocent child.

Towne has a history with Child Protective Services, and they’ve acknowledged that they’re conducting an investigation.

An official representative stated that they were unable to comment further due to legal restrictions on disclosing information about child protective services investigations. A former neighbour of Towne’s claims he called the cops on her multiple times.

We knew she had problems with her mind,” Alan Pffar stated. As in, “She would argue with my mailbox for no reason.”

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In fact, Pffar said, Towne was so troublesome that he had to resort to installing surveillance cameras. Pffar said, “One time she was beating up on a car.” “She was hitting it with a baseball bat, and it didn’t occur to me that it belonged to her until after she stopped.”

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