Melissa Gilbert, Star Of “Little House On The Prairie,” Condemns “Death Hoax”

Despite an odd internet myth that claims otherwise, Melissa Gilbert wants her followers to know that she is still alive and well. Fans of Gilbert learned this morning that the Little House on the Prairie actor passed away on October 26. She also confesses that it was strange for Gilbert to wake up to the news.

She is urging people to avoid spreading false information. The actress shared a photo on her Instagram page with the caption, “That moment when you wake up to a google alert that you’re DEAD.” She also said that she was still alive and that she wasn’t even close to passing away.

She laughed, quoting Mark Twain, who was one of the first victims of the dreaded celebrity death hoax: “Rumors of my death have been considerably exaggerated.” If I didn’t have a husband, mother, sister, parents, children, grandchildren, friends, and a career, it would be humorous. Whoever is doing this, stop! “#deathhoax,” she continued.

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Melissa Gilbert Death Rumors

SK Pop claims that Melissa Gilbert’s death rumors started on YouTube. According to a number of media outlets, including Allan Radio, Nene Star News, Deceased Celebrities, and Celebs Kids News, she either died in a fatal vehicle accident or as a result of long-term health issues. Those rumours spread swiftly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where many frantically requested that others confirm or refute the rumour.

“Why is #melissagilbert being reported as dead? Select YouTube. WTF,” a worried supporter wrote. However, since the headline wasn’t promoted by any reliable news outlets, many individuals felt the entire thing was a joke. People are pleased to know we haven’t lost yet another beloved classic TV performer now that the actress has spoken out.

The lies began to circulate just one day after the Jerry Lee Lewis death hoax gained momentum, which made problems worse. The rumour even appeared in important journals. Following a poor tip, TMZ reported the death on Wednesday, October 28. Lewis’ sister had posted on Facebook the previous day that the singer had been ill, giving the tale additional plausibility.

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Another Twitter user responded to a post by Jerry Lewis by saying, “I was on YouTube last night and it was rumoured that Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingles Wilder) was gone also.” Lord, these folks ought to verify their information before going on the record. Such careless reporting can be harmful.

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