Mario Movie Release Date 2022: Is The Movie Going To Come Out?

The Nintendo mascot will return to theatres for the first time since 1993 thanks to the upcoming Super Mario movie. Illumination, the animation studio that is best known for bringing us the Despicable Me, Sing, and Secret Life of Pets franchises, has agreed to lend their services to Nintendo so that the company can avoid a repeat of the failures that occurred in the live-action Mario movie that was released in the 1990s.

In addition, in order to assist Nintendo in bringing their well-known characters to life on the big screen, the company has recruited an all-star cast to provide the voices of characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. In this article, we will discuss Mario movie release date of 2022 and many more things related to it. As everyone is interested in Mario movie release date 2022.

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Super Mario Movie Release Date

The Super Mario movie was supposed to be shown in theatres during the holiday season of 2022; however, Nintendo has officially stated that the movie would instead be released on April 7, 2023. This was the original release date that was intended. Along with the announcement of the film’s premiere date, Nintendo also provided us with our first glimpse at the film in the form of an official poster, which you can view below. Mario movie release date 2022.

Who’s In The Mario Movie Cast?

The Mario movie’s voice cast was announced back in September 2021, and it has a plethora of well-known actors from the Hollywood film industry. Members of the cast include:

  • Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) as Mario
  • Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Luigi
  • Anya Taylor-Joy (The Northman, The Queen’s Gambit) as Princess Peach
  • Jack Black (School of Rock) as Bowser
  • Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele) as Toad
  • Seth Rogen (This is the End) as Donkey Kong
  • Fred Armisen (Big Mouth) as Cranky Kong
  • Kevin Michael Richardson (Family Guy) as Kame
  • Sebastian Maniscalco (The Irishman) as Spike

The fact that Charles Martinet, who has provided the voice of Mario and many other Nintendo video game characters, is also on board and will appear in surprise cameos throughout the movie will please fans of the character. Martinet has provided the voice for Mario and many other Nintendo video game characters.

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Is There A Trailer?

The first teaser trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie gives viewers their first peek at the powerful King Bowser as he wreaks havoc on a kingdom of penguins in his pursuit of the coveted Star. When he has the Star in his possession, he will be impossible to defeat. In the meantime, plumber Mario emerges from a pipe to find himself in a fantastical land.

He then comes into Toad, who takes him to the Mushroom Kingdom so that he can put an end to the crisis there. In addition, we catch sight of Mario’s brother Luigi, who, rather than ending up in the land of cheerful mushrooms, has ended up in a burning hellscape. mario movie release date 2022.

What Is The Mario Movie About?

However, there is a good chance that the live presentation we were talking about before will offer us a better picture of what Mario’s big screen journey is going to be like. Nintendo hasn’t revealed a lot about the plot as of yet. Mario movie release date 2022.

Who’s Directing The Mario Movie?

In the movie about Mario, directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic are at the helm of the camera. Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans Go! to the Movies were both projects that the two worked on together in the past. Matthew Fogel is the one who penned the script for the movie (The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Minions: The Rise of Gru).

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