Independents Who lean Toward The GOP Prefer DeSantis To Trump In 2024, According To A Poll

According to a recent poll issued on Friday, Republicans and independents leaning Republican prefer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to former President Trump as the GOP’s 2024 presidential contender.

According to a YouGov survey, 42% of Republicans and independents who lean Republican said they would choose DeSantis over Trump if he ran for president in 2024. Only 35% of respondents indicated they would prefer Trump to DeSantis.

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Those who identified as “strong Republicans” were more inclined to support Trump running for president a third time (45 percent) than the Florida governor, who easily won his reelection bid on Tuesday. “Strong Republicans” who preferred DeSantis said so 43% of the time.

DeSantis, though, performed better with Republican “leaners.” A DeSantis campaign was selected by 45% of the group, compared to a Trump campaign by 21%.

Comparatively to those who said the same of Trump, 38 percent of those who identified as “not very strong Republicans” said they preferred DeSantis (31 percent).

After the governor’s stunning victory, tensions between Trump and DeSantis had been building for a week. Next Donald Trump, DeSantis is seen as a leading contender for the GOP candidacy in 2024. Last week, the former president mocked Florida’s governor by calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious” before claiming responsibility for DeSantis’ ascent to fame in a statement.

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On Tuesday, Trump claimed that if his potential primary rival decides to run against him, he will learn “secret material” “that won’t be very flattering.” Trump stated, “I think he might injure himself very terribly if he runs, and I know more about him than anyone — maybe even his wife.”

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