How To Get Shinies In Scarlet And Violet Pokémon

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s “shiny” rates have been determined for the soon-to-be-released game, and an important rule has been announced: “All static encounters, NPC trades, and NPC gifts are shiny-locked.” This information was shared by Twitter dataminer and self-described “efficient” Pokémon player @Sibuna Switch.

That implies that you won’t obtain a flashy beginning right away. According to Sibuna Switch, NPC presents this time around includes the starters, thus repeatedly soft or hard resetting your game won’t affect them. There are a lot of shiny red tape encounters, such as the “four sublegendaries, Koraidon/Miraidon, the ex-Titans, and all Gimmighoul.”

But by employing what devotees gravely refer to as the Masuda method or by preparing chance-enhancing sandwiches, you can skip ahead to shinies of all types.

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A Shiny Pokémon is what?

Instead of shining like a diamond ring, a “shiny” Pokémon has a unique coloration. Normally a tubby red dinosaur of the fire-type, Fuecoco’s glossy form is a tubby taffy pink dinosaur. Yes, the colour is the only distinction between a regular Pokémon and a shiny Pokémon.

Although it’s not much, the change is real. And so-called shiny hunters are prepared to put in the work to acquire it; one Redditor said that it took them 35,000 soft resets over the course of five years to obtain a shining Torchic in Pokémon Sapphire.

It mainly takes this kind of humility patience and a lucky touch to collect shiny things. It is said that Scarlet and Violet shinies have that recognisable one out of 4,096 base rate, so if you want to find some of your own shinies there, be prepared with both.

But I Can Use The Masuda Method To Breed Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Shinies, Right?

Correct, your base rate increases to one out of 683 using the Masuda technique, which involves breeding two Pokémon from two foreign copies of the game. To make the rate even better, one out of 512, you may also add a shiny charm to the mixture, an item that increases shiny odds.

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You Said Something About…Sandwiches?

The cooking mechanic from Generation III, IV, and Pokémon Sword and Shield is still present in Scarlet and Violet. Simply prepare a picnic and start your 10-minute window for making a specific kind of sandwich that, when eaten, should aid in obtaining a specific kind of shiny Pokémon in the wild (sandwiches don’t work on Tera Raids or eggs, Sibuna Switch noted).

For instance, combining one batch of Cherry Tomatoes with two Salty Herba Mystica should aid in locating a shiny bug-type. Yummy. We’re now all on the same, gleaming page. Great. When Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 at 12 am Eastern time, your quest for food will begin.

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