Hellhole Ending Explained: What Happened To The Girls Who Went Missing?

In “Hellhole,” a Polish horror film directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski and available on Netflix, supernatural themes and the concept of pure Evil are used to create a sense of foreboding. Due to filmmakers’ incessant need to shake things up, traditional horror movies are becoming increasingly rare.

The plot of “Hellhole” hinges around a standard horror trope: an old, sinister ritual. In the movie, the cross is inverted, people float in the air, and a man turns into a swarm of insects. The film “Hellhole” is well-composed and has a spooky atmosphere, but it is also quite predictable and fails to fully engage the viewer. hellhole ending explained.

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‘Hellhole’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

In 1957, a priest in Lower Silesia absconded with a baby and then attempted to kill them at a church. The priest raised his knife to slay the infant, proclaiming it the “spawn of evil.” Before the priest could harm the infant, police arrived and shot him dead. There was a scar on the infant’s left chest.

The baby’s scar identifies him as wicked, and his rescue proves that Evil has returned. Twenty years later, Father Marek, a priest, visits the church the Prior calls the “sanitorium” because of its unsettling appearance. Those said to be under the Devil’s influence were transported there for therapy. Exorcist Father Marek. In order to aid in their efforts, he signed up with the sanitorium. hellhole ending explained.

There was no means to get in touch with the outside world because the building lacked both electricity and a phone line. As soon as he was settled in his room, the father opened his luggage, which revealed a hidden compartment containing a revolver, a lamp, and other items that were forbidden on the premises. It’s clear that Father Marek knew there was something nefarious going on at the sanatorium.

He mentioned that he had a newspaper clipping about a missing woman and that he might have entered the sanitorium in an effort to learn what had become of her. Even more intriguing was the fact that the baby’s father also bore the same mark, suggesting that the child would grow up to be Father Marek. hellhole ending explained.

What Happened To The Girls Who Went Missing After Entering The Sanitorium?

Food at the sanitorium had an odd odour and taste, but the priests were required to eat it. In the kitchen, Father Marek had some difficulty. When he threw up one day, he felt a sharp pain in his jaw. A tooth was wrenched from his mouth. A fly got out when it opened up. For the life of Marek, he couldn’t figure out what was causing all of these odd occurrences. The priests prepared a cemetery for the body a few days following the exorcism.

After Father Marek entered the room where the girl had been held, he realised that she was no longer there. The girl must have been murdered, he reasoned, but why? While he was trying to reason with him, Piotr, the vice Prior, came up behind him. “Wait for me in the confession chamber,” he said. Piotr said the church was keeping an eye on him since they did not put their faith in Marek. hellhole ending explained.

He cautioned Marek against making any hasty choices, saying that rulebreakers faced harsh consequences. Once Piotr tried to flee the facility, and he was severely punished for it. In a candid conversation with Piotr, Marek revealed that he was not a priest but rather a militiaman investigating the disappearances of women in the area. The missing women had been reported as possessed and transferred to the sanitorium, according to an anonymous tip received by his station.

After a previous event (referring to when a priest was shot dead by the militia), the militia did not want to intervene directly with church business, therefore he had to pose as a priest to investigate the case. According to Piotr, the Prior did fabricate the exorcism to get money from the Curia and the Vatican. However, following the exorcism, Piotr had no idea what became of the women. This was something that Marek needed to investigate. hellhole ending explained.

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‘Hellhole’ Ending Explained: Who Was The Chosen One?

After that, Piotr invited Marek to accompany him to the library. The “chosen one,” he said, was born during an eclipse and had to be killed instantly with a dagger. Assuming survival, the Chosen One will feast on seven sinners and wash it down with the blood of an innocent. The ceremony would turn the selected one into the demon and usher in a new era. According to Piotr, the church considers Marek to be the “chosen one.” The priest tried to assassinate Marek shortly after he was born because of the scar on his forehead that indicated he was the Messiah.

The sanatorium’s priests, on the other hand, appeared to be Satanists who were eager to finish the rite calling the Devil to the facility. In order to leave the sanatorium, Piotr led Marek through a hidden corridor. Suddenly, as Marek trailed Piotr, he caught wind of a commotion behind him. A group of priests surrounded him, attacked him, and dragged him back to the asylum. Piotr only pretended to care about Marek so that he wouldn’t try to escape. All of the priests at the church had Marek bound, and they surrounded him. hellhole ending explained.

According to the Prior, they were the ones who had given him the anonymous tip that led him to the sanatorium. There was a mutual understanding between God and the Devil, in the eyes of the priests. They didn’t think the Devil was bad, but they did think that people were bad and should get what they earned from the Devil. Having waited for the birth of the chosen one for eight hundred years, the fraternity finally built their church around the entrance to hell (a well).

They expected the Evil One to appear at the Gates of Hell, occupy the body of the Anointed One, and establish a new rule on Earth. As children, they fantasized of becoming the Devil’s disciples and assisting him in the administration of the new world. They had been able to give Marek sinners’ organs and even whole bodies, but they hadn’t yet succeeded in getting him to drink the blood of the innocent. A young lady was brought in and her throat was cut. hellhole ending explained.

She coughed up what seemed to be a large amount of blood. To sustain themselves, the priests drank the blood. They also forced Marek to consume the blood. They prayed to Satan, but he didn’t answer. The Prior was utterly distraught. They were following the book’s instructions to the letter in an attempt to invite the Devil into the body of the Chosen One, but nothing seemed to be happening. Piotr stabbed Marek in the chest with a dagger. Because the ceremony had failed, it was declared, Marek’s body had to be disposed of in the well.

After realizing his plans had failed, the Prior drank to forget his sorrow. Piotr came in and got him ready for bed. He concluded that the Prior was somewhat to blame for the outcome. Knowing that he would succeed the Prior after his death, he smothered him to death with a pillow. The Prior’s room features an inverted cross, a symbol of the Devil’s presence, which is revealed as Piotr’s selfish motivations are revealed. In the meanwhile, Marek awoke. Bones piled up all around him. hellhole ending explained.

Something was gaining control of him, and he became the Devil. Piotr choked up the next morning when leading a prayer service for the Prior. He had lost the ability to communicate and was beginning to lose control of his body. His head cracked open and thousands of insects flew out as his body levitated and distorted. Flies swarmed into the underworld entrance like his body was formed of them. Within minutes, the Sabbatical goat, also known as Baphomet, had entered the church, much to the shock of the priests.

The priests, who were attempting to flee, suddenly froze and levitated. Everyone in the room was suddenly upside down and floating in the air. The rebirth of the once-dead flowers was taken as a portent that the dead would rise again and the living would likely meet their end. The heavens opened up and thunder rolled as the Devil arrived, signifying that Earth had become hell and the new world order had begun. hellhole ending explained.

While the goal of becoming an apostle for the Devil was never achieved, the Brotherhood was successful in summoning the Devil to Earth in order to punish humanity and usher in a new era. In its inquiry of the missing girl, “Hellhole” made some attempts at reasoning, but in the end the supernatural took over. For Marek, the gradual ingestion by the Devil was represented by the loss of his teeth and the subsequent vomiting of a black liquid. Bringing the Devil to Earth required the sacrifice of women.

It is still a mystery whose newborn Marek he was and why he was predestined to be the embodiment of Evil. Did something nefarious happen during his birth to make him a baby without a mother? Marek’s background and personal history no longer seemed to be the film’s priority after the world flipped upside down. hellhole ending explained.

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