Expect a Calmer Sunday Before the Forecast for Metro Detroit Calls for Rain and Snow

By the weekend’s conclusion, it is predicted that the region will see temperatures below average.


In terms of sunshine, the weekend’s end looks better for the area because we can anticipate plenty of suns. However, because of the persistently strong pressure gradient in the area, expect gusty winds. Wind gusts up to 25 to 30 mph are likely throughout the day. Our temperatures will stay above average due to a southerly flow as well. We’ll be looking for highs at least 10 degrees above usual in early November—in the 60s.

Sunday Night

The forecast for tonight’s midnight hours and Monday morning includes a clear sky. With morning lows for every one falling into the middle 40s, Monday will begin even colder than usual.
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Beginning of Next Week

For the bulk of the following week, the dry weather continues. As we move through the early part of the week, expect lots of sunshine, with a bit more cloud cover moving into the area as we approach the conclusion of the following week. As we go through Monday and Tuesday, temperatures briefly drop to what is typical for November, with most people experiencing temperatures in the 50s. But another warming trend is expected as we return to the lower to mid-60s next Wednesday and Thursday.
Expect a Calmer Sunday Before the Forecast for Metro Detroit Calls for Rain and Snow

End of Next Week

By the end of the following week, a new system will be approaching the area. With high temperatures returning to the upper 50s during the afternoon, we will add another possibility of rain showers to the forecast.
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Next Weekend

Then, colder changes arrive in the area starting the following weekend. Temperatures below average will spread to most lower 48 states, including Michigan. The forecast models also indicate that a disturbance is heading in, so we’ll add a risk of rain and snow showers for the weekend ahead. By Saturday afternoon, high temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees below average as we go into the middle 40s.

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