Deliver Us Mars: Story, Gameplay And Cast Details?

After its initial release on PC in 2018, the independent adventure game Deliver Us the Moon has become an unexpected smash, prompting a console re-release and now a sequel, Deliver Us Mars. talked with the game’s narrative director at Gamescom 2022 to give you some insight into the game. You can view the full video of our interview in the player above! Deliver Us Mars takes place ten years after the events of the original game and features a new protagonist, a new companion robot, and a new planet; the cratered surface of the moon has been replaced with the martian terrains of the red planet.

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Deliver Us Mars Release Date?

The makers of Deliver Us Mars have verified that the mission will land on the red planet on February 2, 2023. Deliver Us: Mars is one of many highly anticipated video games originally scheduled for release in 2022 that have been pushed back to the following year due to delays.

Is There A Pre-Order For Deliver Us Mars?

The pre-order price for Deliver Us Mars on Steam and other digital platforms is 10% off. The PC version of Deliver Us Mars may be preordered via CD Keys for £15.99, although customers should be advised that this is a digital download code for the game rather than a physical retail copy. The original score is included in the £18.99 PC-exclusive Deluxe Edition, which is also available for pre-order.

Deliver Us Mars Platform?

Launch platforms include PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox 360, Xbox, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. This is unlike Deliver Us the Moon, which first was published just for PC in 2019 before being ported to consoles in the following years as well as Google Stadia. However, there has been no word on when Deliver Us Mars would be available on Google Stadia.

Deliver Us Mars Story, Gameplay And Cast Details

Picking up ten years after the events of Deliver Us the Moon, Deliver Us Mars follows Kathy Johanson (who was referenced as a child in recordings in the original game) as an astronaut-in-training who joins a mission to Mars to save humanity. With echoes of Interstellar, humanity is in grave danger, and the only thing standing between us and certain extinction are the massive ARKS colonisation ships on Mars, which have been stolen by the mysterious Outward.

The fact that Kathy’s father, Isaac, vanished on Mars years ago and may still be alive thanks to a mystery signal, is even more of a driving force for her to visit the red planet. But when Kathy and the rest of the crew crash land, it becomes clear that this is not a goal they share.

Considering the importance of the bond between a father and daughter to the plot, KeokeN Interactive has once again turned to motion-captured actors to bring the story to life. Ellise Chappell of “Poldark” fame plays the courageous protagonist Kathy Johanson, while Neil Newbon of “Resident Evil Village” portrays her absentee father Isaac.

The developers at KeokeN Interactive are aiming for a more cinematic feel with Deliver Us Mars, which means the game will feature comparable puzzle-adventure gameplay to the original. There will be a broader range of settings and gameplay elements, including new precision-based climbing and expansive set-piece-style puzzles. The trailers have also teased the possibility of controlling a Mars Rover.

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Deliver Us Mars Trailer

Yes! Deliver Us Mars has revealed a few trailers at this point, with each one promising some hard-hitting sci-fi in a fight to preserve Earth, as well as some smaller-scale human stakes. Take a look at this one: We also have an exclusive interview with the game’s narrative director if you want to learn more about it. While you wait for the February 2 release of “Deliver Us, Mars,” have a peek at this.

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