Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Release Date: How Many Episodes Are Out?

Fans of the anime series Chainsaw Man are eagerly awaiting news of when they may watch the next episode of the show’s ongoing first season. The show, adapted from the manga of the same name, has been a hit for the past six weeks. Here’s when you can expect to see Episode 7 of Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll. chainsaw man episode 7 release date.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Release Date

The seventh episode of Chainsaw Man will premiere on November 22, 2022. Depending on your location, the episode will air at a different time in your time zone. Since the United States has recently adopted Daylight Savings Time, you might expect the episode’s premiere time to shift accordingly.

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Thankfully, this isn’t the case, as Crunchyroll has assured us. All that being said, here are the times that Episode 7 of Chainsaw Man will be available in different time zones: Crunchyroll has announced that there will be a total of 12 episodes in Season 1 of Chainsaw Man. There’s no telling how far along in the manga adaptation the show will be by the time Season 1 concludes, but it’s clear that it has plenty of steam left.

Season 2 has not been confirmed, but the show has a promising future. Denji, a young man who has fallen on hard times, is the protagonist. Together with his devil dog Pochita, he was working to pay off the debts left to him after the death of his father. Murdered by the people he was serving, who were actually devils, his body united with Pochita’s, giving him the ability to transform his limbs into chainsaws at will. Currently, he is employed by the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a seemingly straightforward organisation with hidden depths. chainsaw man episode 7 release date.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Cast

  • Playing the role of Denji is Kikunosuke Toya.
  • The role of Makima, played by Tomori Kusunoki
  • Denji (Ryan Colt Levy)Makima, played by Suzie Yeung
  • As Aki Hayakawa, Shogo Sakata
  • Power to Fairouz Ai
  • Aki Hayakawa is played by Reagan Murdock.
  • Casting: Shiori Izawa as Pochita
  • As Mitsutoshi Shundo’s Underling
  • Bat Devil, portrayed by Ken’ichirô Matsuda
  • Role of Noriyuki Tsuyuki as Dad
  • The Feminine Employee, Joko Kawagishi
  • Daugher Saki Kobari

Chainsaw Man Episode 6 Recap

In the opening moments of Chainsaw Man episode 6, Himeno investigates for herself whether or not the wacky spatial loop they’re in is actually occurring. She verifies that their terrible situation is real. Meanwhile, Kobeni is petrified to the point of emotional breakdown, crying and snot-mixing to emphasise how terrified she is.

In a later chapter, Aki learns that the loop is actually horizontal as well as vertical. Each room connects to another, and so on, until you reach the central morning corridor where everyone is. Even as Kobeni sobs and says she has no idea why she became a hunter, Arai cowers in fear while Aki and Himeno scramble to find a way out of their predicament. Since Aki has deduced that the devil can halt time, it appears that there is no way out of the loop.

In light of the fact that he has infinite time to rest thanks to the time loop, Denji relaxes and takes a nap. When Aki tracks down the small devil Power killed, he discovers the creature is still alive and has become enormous. The devil promises them escape if they murder Denji; for some reason, he needs the Chainsaw Devil dead. Kobeni immediately agrees and reaches for a knife, lunging to kill Denji. chainsaw man episode 7 release date.

While Himeno and Aki manage to halt her progress. Even though Arai agrees that they should kill Denji so that they can escape the situation, Aki insists that they should not kill one of their own because Devil Hunters never kill their own kind. Later, he starts to question whether he shouldn’t just pull out his sword and kill the devil, but Himeno swiftly shuts that idea down.

This leaves Denji wondering why they wouldn’t utilise anything that could help them escape the predicament. Himeno assures Denji that even if they hit a dead end, Aki will not use the sword since then Denji will have to die. When the time comes, Aki readies his blade and orders Himeno to limit his mobility with the phantom hand as Arai restrains Denji. chainsaw man episode 7 release date.

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Kobeni darts off to stab Denji, but Aki stands in her way and gets himself stabbed. Aki wants the Gun Devil dead terribly, but he can’t murder him on his own. Denji, on the other hand, wants to kill the Gun Devil. One reason he can’t afford to have Denji die is that he needs as many people as possible eager to fight the devil.

Himeno collapses to the ground, sobbing whatever it is they plan to do to stop the impending catastrophe posed by the new devil. Denji musters his courage and prepares to face the devil, reasoning that the evil one must be terrified of the chainsaws in his possession.

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