Cassie Carli’s Cause Of Death Still A Mystery: Florida Woman Was Found In Shallow Grave In Alabama

Despite extensive investigation, the final autopsy report for a Florida woman whose body was discovered in a shallow grave in Alabama earlier this year provides no conclusive answers as to the cause of death.

According to the final report of the autopsy performed on Cassie Carli by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, which was released on Monday by St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell, the cause of death and the manner of death were both undetermined. On March 27th, Carli was supposed to pick up their daughter from her father after meeting her ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old Marcus Spanevelo, in a restaurant parking lot in Navarre, Florida.

Instead, Carli and her daughter never returned home. Carli was reported missing to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office by her father on Monday, March 28. The car she had been driving was discovered the next day in the parking lot of the restaurant where they had met to exchange the kids, Juana’s Pagodas. As everyone want to know about cassie carli cause of death.

The contents of her purse were locked up in the car. Carli’s body was discovered in a shallow grave in a barn on Highway 11 in Springville on Saturday, April 3. Authorities had Spanevelo living at either this vacant property or another location in Springville. Despite the fact that he was working and living in Springville in the months leading up to Carli’s disappearance, Spanevelo has not been arrested in connection with her death.

Multiple Florida and Alabama police departments are still looking into the case. Spanevelo faces charges of evidence tampering, false information in a missing persons investigation, and destruction of evidence. Authorities say Carli’s cellphone is at the centre of the tampering allegations against him. He was taken into custody in Tennessee on the day Carli’s body was discovered but has since been extradited back to Florida. The St. Clair County District Attorney’s Office could not be reached for comment. As now everything is cleared related to cassie carli cause of death.

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