Gunshot Was Fired Into The Men’s Bathroom Toilet, Forcing Them To Place Cary High School On lockdown.

WTVD-TV in CARY, N.C. Police say a shooting did occur at Cary High School after conducting a more thorough investigation.

According to the Cary Police Department, a single shot was fired into a urinal in the school’s male restroom. One of the suspects is a 14-year-old student who is currently being questioned.

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“How terrifying! I mean, what if something terrible happened, or if there was some sort of accident, and they just shot up a toilet?” Carla Miranda Rodriguez, a junior at Cary High School, explained. Why would they bring that to a place where students are supposed to be learning?

Reports indicate that a student or staff member heard a gunshot on campus around noon on Wednesday, prompting authorities to place the school on lockdown per protocol.

Authorities in Cary and at the school said they instituted the lockdown as a precaution. The Cary Police Department reported around 12:30 PM that there were no injuries and no signs of a shooting after conducting an initial investigation. But by 1:50 p.m., investigators had released details about the shooting in the men’s room.

Students told ABC11 that a photo of the damaged restroom had been posted on Snapchat and was being widely circulated among the student body.

The lockdown was subsequently lifted, and classes were allowed to resume as usual. While parents were given the option to pick up their children early after the lockdown was lifted, classes did not end early.

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In connection with the lockdown, police in Cary have arrested two minors and charged them with criminal mischief.

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