Are Mitch And Kirsten Still Together: Isn’t Giving Up On Him?

The question at hand is whether or not “Married at First Sight” stars Mitch Silverstein and Krysten Collins will continue to be a couple after the conclusion of season 15 of the show. However, the Instagram account MAFS Fan has become a dependable source for those who want to be spoiled before the end of the season.

Although Lifetime does not divulge who stays together and who splits up before Decision Day, It’s possible that Krysten and Mitch won’t stay together for the rest of their lives. The prediction made by the MAFS Fan was that the pair “may” chose to stay together on Decision Day; however, they are not currently married.

The prediction is not a sure thing at this point. “I could be completely incorrect on this one. They added, “A source told me that I was “1 off” on my previous forecasts, but they did not tell me any further information. are mitch and kirsten still together.

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Krysten & Mitch Got Off To A Rocky Start

The relationship between Mitch, 41, and Krysten, 32, got off to a shaky beginning. The two were on their honeymoon when Mitch broke the news to Krysten that he wasn’t sexually attracted to her and then proceeded to moan about how he looked on his wedding day. Because Krysten was unaffected by Mitch’s confession, it had the opposite impact on Mitch, increasing his desire to be with Krysten.

In other words, Mitch became more attracted to Krysten. However, Mitch’s fussiness did not disappear after the first week had passed. The environmental policy advocate has an aversion to single-use plastic and materialism, which became apparent when they hosted their first party at their shared apartment and when Krysten and the other “Married at First Sight” girls wanted to play a prank on their husbands. are mitch and kirsten still together.

The environmental policy advocate also has an aversion to single-use plastic straws, which became apparent when they hosted their first party at their shared apartment. They all got them the same shirt, which was a blue polo with white stripes and “tiny buttons,” but Mitch refused to wear the item despite receiving it.

Krysten had to explain the joke to Mitch before she could convince her husband to take part in the prank. As soon as the other men came at the gathering, Mitch removed his shirt and laughed along with the rest of the group. Fans vented their frustrations in several online forums in response to Mitch’s antics. Multiple threads have been started on Reddit in reference to the 41-year-old man, with one of the original posters stating that Mitch “ruin’s everything.” are mitch and kirsten still together.

Krysten Isn’t Giving Up On Mitch

Krysten had a conversation with Keshia Knight Pulliam, the host of “Married at First Sight: Afterparty,” who was interested in finding out whether or not Mitch still has the potential to be “forever-husband material.” According to Reality TV World, Krysten’s response was an unequivocal “Absolutely.”

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“He is slowly but gradually revealing all of his many great traits,” the speaker said. However, there are a significant number of them there.” Krysten continued by saying, “He is exceedingly honest, almost to the point of being too honest – nearly to a fault.” “He is very devoted to his profession and his family, and he puts in a lot of effort in both of those areas. There is a great deal. are mitch and kirsten still together.

It would take me a very long time to list all of them. Krysten revealed on the episode of “Married at First Sight” that aired on August 31 that she felt like she was losing a part of who she was in order to be more accommodating to her husband. Krysten and her husband had been going through a difficult adjustment period.

Krysten mentioned that some of her friends who attended the home party she hosted with a “futuristic” theme observed a similar phenomenon. According to Reality TV World, the 32-year-old said, “They simply wanted to see a little ‘Krysten’ here.” This is what she told Knight Pulliam. “Their support is incredibly vital, yet even so, they continue to have a very upbeat and cheerful attitude.” are mitch and kirsten still together.

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