Racy T’s abdominal scars are prominently displayed in the artwork for his new album, leaving fans to wonder what happened to the rapper. On Sunday, March 26, Tracy T, real name Tracy Richardson, released his most recent work.

The record cover art featured his 1-year-old son Kashton. Along with fellow rapper Kash Doll, Tracy T resides in Kashton. The rapper explained (According to HITC)

“These ideas was for the cover. It’s like from Tracy T to Mr T… I pity the fool!”

Their son had layered chains for the photoshoot reminiscent of Mr T’s. This is the new album title. So although most people focused on cute Kashton, some couldn’t help but pay attention to Tracy T’s tummy scars. Let’s examine what transpired.

What Happened to Tracy T’s Stomach?

Tracy T was s*hot in December 2009 and, as a result, has scars on his stomach. This occurred during a robbery attempt. The rapper received four gunshot wounds to his hand, knee, side, and chest. At the time, he was only 18 years old.

What Happened to Tracy T Stomach?

Tracy T’s new album artwork shows the wound from his side gunshot and the scar from his surgery on his stomach. The rapper explained to DJ Smallz Eyes. He required multiple treatments and racked up a hospital bill of over $700,000 (as reported by Beyond Blue)

“I was in hospital for two months.”

Tracy T Underwent Stomach Surgery

Tracy T had to go through several procedures after getting shot before he was allowed to leave the hospital. Doctors removed his spleen, an organ crucial in your immune system after the left ribcage is where it is situated.

Tracy T also needed surgery since the gunfire had punctured his lungs. Also, the rapper had a colostomy pouch. He could not eat solid food in the hospital and ate through a tube. Tracy T lost 50 pounds while receiving treatment and was only 99 pounds when she left the hospital.

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Tracy T Had to Learn to Walk Again After Being Shot

After the shooting, there was additional lasting harm since Tracy T had to relearn how to walk. His stomach injuries and operations led to this. Tracy T had to relearn how to walk as he healed because the stomach muscles are essential for helping the body move. Tracy told DJ Smallz Eyes (According to All Hip Hop)

“I’m still messed up mentally from that. It messed me up more mentally than it did physically.”

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