Hunters Season 2 Cast: New Squad Member As Hungry For Revenge?

It’s taken a while, but the second season of Hunters has arrived, and it looks like it will be a fittingly epic end to this pulpy crime thriller. The series, in which Jordan Peele serves as an executive producer, centers on a team of New York City-based Nazi hunters working in the 1970s to prevent the resurgence of Nazism.

Season one concluded with arguably the biggest bombshell possible, revealing that Adolf Hitler (Udo Kier) and his wife Eva Braun (Lena Olin) are still alive and hiding in South America.

Our band of misfits, now led by a jaded Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman), will eventually run into them, albeit Jonah’s mentor, Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino), is still apparently alive and well. Academy Award contender Jennifer Jason Leigh joins the cast as a new squad member just as hungry for revenge as the rest in this final act. In this article, we will discuss hunters season 2 cast.

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Hunters Season 2 Cast

Logan Lerman Plays Jonah Heidelbaum

Does anyone know who Jonah Heidelbaum is? Assault against Jonah’s grandmother, with whom he lived, was the initial spark for his involvement with the Hunters. To his surprise, he discovered that she was part of a loose collective led by the mysterious Meyer Offerman and had been hunting down and killing Nazis on the run across the United States.

As part of their crusade, he stopped the formation of a fascist Fourth Reich. When he discovered the man who had become his guide was keeping a secret from him, he was shocked. Many years have passed, but Jonah has yet to face his greatest challenge. Hunters season 2 cast.

Al Pacino Plays Meyer Offerman

Precisely who is Meyer Offerman? Meyer takes Jonah under his wing as the team’s leader and instructs him in the brutal art of Nazi tracking. Meyer’s revelation to Jonah that he had been hiding his true identity at the end of the first season sparked a confrontation between the two, ultimately resulting in Jonah’s apparent death. However, first impressions can be deceiving, as evidenced by the fact that Meyer returns in the second season, taunting viewers with the line, “Come on, my buddy, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

Lena Olin Plays Eva Braun-Hitler

Who exactly is this Eva Braun? Adolf Hitler’s wife and most trusted advisor, Eva Braun, was a German nurse. They made it through the end of WWII and exiled themselves to South America, but the Hunters are on their trail in this show’s universe. Hunters season 2 cast.

Udo Kier Plays Adolf Hitler

Explain who Adolf Hitler is. Adolf Hitler was the villain who governed Germany under a fascist dictatorship at the turn of the 20th century, carrying out a program of the systematic extermination of the Jewish people and other oppressed groups in the context of World War II. Although he ended the war by shooting himself in his bunker, this show’s alternate timeline has him escaping to South America.

Jerrika Hinton Plays Millie Morris

Can somebody tell me who Millie Morris is? During her time with the FBI, Millie learns about the Hunters and advises them to stay out of trouble, even if they have good intentions. In season 2, when Jonah asks for assistance tracing Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun through South America, she appears to have warmed up to their plan.

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Carol Kane Plays Mindy Markowitz

Where does one find this Mindy Markowitz character? Mindy and her husband, Murray, are the newest members of the Hunters, and Mindy is a signals expert (Saul Rubinek). Though she suffered the loss of her true love during the first season, she will continue to battle alongside the rest of the gang as they take on their greatest foe. Hunters season 2 cast.

Josh Radnor Plays Lonny Flash

Just who is Lonny Flash, anyway? Whenever the Hunters need to go somewhere, they aren’t supposed to; they can count on Lonny, the team’s resident master of disguise, to bring them there undetected.

Greg Austin Plays Travis Leich

The name Travis Leich doesn’t sound familiar. Travis is a heartless enforcer for the Colonel (aka Eva Braun) who will do anything to win over his superiors. He spent the conclusion of Season 1 inside bars after being thrown there by Agent Morris, although that likely won’t last. Hunters season 2 cast.

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