In a BVR Tesla crash, The Driver Killed Himself

Victoria city A collision on Bear Valley Road claimed the life of a 26-year-old male. According to Victorville Police, the man crashed his 2015 Tesla Model S into the back of a semi-truck.

While traveling westbound, approaching the 15 Freeway in the slow lane, an accident happened. Just after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the Tesla Model S crashed into the back of a semi-truck in front of the Food-4-Less retail complex at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Bear Valley Road. The semi-driver trucks were unharmed.

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Police reported that the impact happened quickly, although the actual speed was “undetermined.” The Tesla Model S was visible at the crash site, almost under the double rear axle of the semi-truck. The semi-tire trucks were raised off the ground.

The accident was determined to be a suicide by VVPD officials. (Update: 11:27 am – VVPD has confirmed that the death of the Tesla driver was determined to be a suicide based on recent statements, his final communications with people, and evidence found at the scene.)

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A feature on Tesla Model S cars is called “Automatic Emergency Braking.” According to the Tesla website, the braking mechanism only works while a motorist is traveling between 3 mph and 90 mph. According to the website, the system either stops or doesn’t apply brakes when a driver.

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