Scump Net Worth: On What Platform Does He Stream?

Seth “Scump” Abner is universally recognized as a scene legend for all of the Call of Duty games. All of the gamers and programmers know who he is. He’s been seeing Isabelle for some time and publicly declared their relationship in 2019.

Scump has spent his whole life playing in Call of Duty tournaments, taking part in at least one for every game in the series. In 2011, he joined his first professional esports team, later switching to OpTic Gaming (now known as OpTic Texas).

Many groups have gone since then, but he is still a part of OpTic. He led the squad as captain during OpTic’s involvement in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare competitions. Abner has a thriving career in esports, but he also maintains a reasonably active presence on YouTube and Twitch.

He has almost 2 million Twitch followers and 2 million YouTube subscribers because to his consistent streaming and uploading. He’s been using these accounts for well over a decade. In this article we will read about scump net worth and many more other things related to him.

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How much is Scump Net Worth?

 Seth “Scump net worth beer is approximately $4 million. He has been a part of the Call of Duty esports scene for over a decade and is currently a dedicated member of the OpTic Texas (formerly OpTic Gaming) team. Within the Call of Duty subculture, he is a legend, widely regarded as one of the best players ever. He maintains a robust online presence, with frequent updates to his YouTube page and Twitch stream. Thanks to his affiliation with OpTic, owned by Envy Gaming, Abner has the support of a wide variety of reputable sponsors. this all is scump net worth.<


On What Platform Does Scump Stream?

Scump is an affiliate on Amazon’s Twitch and may be seen streaming exclusively on the platform. Whether or not he will switch services is yet unknown. On the other hand, he does update his YouTube account with edited versions of clips and highlights regularly. His Twitter feed is regularly updated with information on when he will stream new content.

How Much Does Scump Earn?

Although Scump’s income is primarily based on his status as an esports player, the competitor has several other sources of income. In addition to winnings from tournaments, he also benefits from the backing of some reputable companies.

He also streams regularly on Twitch and YouTube, with the latter bringing in most of his income. Scump would likely make at least $800,000 per year if not more than $1,000,000 per year.

His Twitch channel is quite successful, as companies like Ryzen and Game Fuel sponsor him. He has won more than $1 million from several Call of Duty competitions, and Envy Gaming has signed him to their OpTic Texas team.

scump net worth
scump net worth

Scump’s YouTube income is very healthy because he keeps his channel somewhat active with frequent uploads. And yet, compared to his Twitch channel, it’s a joke. His monthly income ranges from $4.8k to $7.3k, with an annual income of $57.6k to $86.6k. scump net worth.

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Scump’s Esports Career

It has been speculated that Scump is one of the few surviving Call of Duty esports professionals. He joined Team Obey at the start of 2011, then moved to different teams before settling with OpTic Gaming (now known as OpTic Texas) around the year’s end.

He remained with the squad until 2019, splitting time between apeX eSports and the Chicago Huntsmen of NRG esports (now known as OpTic Chicago). OpTic Texas now employs him, a team established when OpTic Gaming and Envy Gaming merged.

Abner has triumphed in many competitions, often coming out on top. For Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in 2017, he won the CWL Championship. For Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, he won the Call of Duty Championship in 2013.

scump net worth
scump net worth

And on November 17, 2021, he won the World Series of Warzone for North America as NA SoloYolo. According to reports, Scump has been competing in Call of Duty events since 2011 and has won over $1 million in prize money. He got his start in competitive Black Ops play by winning some early tournaments.

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