The Last of Us Series Release Date: Who Will Star in the Series?

The Last of Us, a game series about a world after the end of the world, now has its own HBO show.
Here’s everything we know about how The Last of Us will be turned into a TV show. If you’re interested in learning more about another show about games, check out our summary of The Witcher season 3.

Who Will Star in the Last of Us Series?

Pedro Pascal, best known for The Mandalorian, will play Joel, and Bella Ramsey, best known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, will play Ellie (via Deadline).

Merle Dandridge will also be a part of the cast. She will play Marlene. This is pretty interesting because Dandridge also played the part in the video game, and it’s not often that a role is cast in this way. Since Dandridge was used for motion capture in the game, fans will be happy to see the actress play the character in real life, and it may open the door for other game voice actors to get more roles.

But Dandridge isn’t the only person in the cast who used to be on Game. The voice of Tommy, Jeffrey Pierce, is going to be on the show. But Pierce will play a different part on the show. He will play Perry, a new regular character who is called a “rebel in a quarantine zone.” Frank, a minor character that Ellie and Joel meet in Lincoln, Massachusetts, will be played by Murray Bartlett. He used to work with Joel and now lives in a town that is mostly empty.

Bill is a character who lives with Frank. Bill was supposed to be played by Con O’Neill at first. But he had to drop out because his plans didn’t work. Nick Offerman, who used to be on Parks and Rec, will now play the part.

Neil Druckmann hinted in The Official The Last of Us Podcast that Frank and Bill used to be together, so this could be something that gets more attention in the series. Anna Torv, who is best known for her role in Mindhunter, will also be in the show. According to Variety, she’llplay Tess, Joel’s partner in crime, before he goes on his trip with Ellie across the country. Melanie Lynskey will play a new character named Kathleen, who is the “ruthless leader of a Kansas City revolutionary movement.”

Neil Druckmann, who helped make the games and ran them, and Craig Mazin, who made the movie Chernobyl, will write the show. Carolyn Strauss and Evan Wells will be the show’s executive producers. Strauss worked on Chornobyl, and Wells is the president of the company that makes the games Naughty Dog. In the first season, Druckmann, Mazin, and Peter Hoar will all direct episodes.
This show is a joint effort between HBO, Sony Pictures Television, and PlayStation Productions. It is the first show to come from PlayStation Productions. Gustavo Santaolalla, who made the music for the games, will also make the music for the show.

The Last of Us trailer

In the most recent trailer, we see that Ellie is immune to the virus and get a look at some scenes that look like they came from The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC. Plus, the Bloater makes an appearance at the end: A still of Joel and Ellie on the set could be mistaken for a screenshot from the videogame. Look at the list below:

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The Last of Us Series Release Date

Episodes of The Last of Us are now being released in the US and UK.US viewers can watch on HBO and HBO Max every Sunday at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Sky Atlantic/Now in the UK airs new episodes every Monday. They can watch it in the evening at 9pm GMT, or they can stay up late the night before and watch it at 2am GMT, which is the same time it airs in the US.

What is the Plot of The Last of Us?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will be about what happened in the first game. The latest trailer also showed that the events from The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC will be shown in flashbacks.

Last of Us Hbo Release Date Time
Last of Us Hbo Release Date Time

If you’ve never played The Last of Us, it’s about Joel and Ellie working together to get across the United States that has been destroyed by a modern fungal plague that turned most of the population into monsters that look like zombies. The two are looking for a resistance group to help them find a cure for the pandemic, but things aren’t as easy as that.

How to Watch The Last of Us TV series

HBO is making The Last of Us into a series, so it will be shown on HBO cable channels and the streaming service HBO Max. This costs $9.99 per month to watch with ads and $14.99 per month to watch without ads.The UK doesn’t have HBO yet, but the show will be shown on Sky Atlantic and Now the day after it airs in the US, just like other HBO shows. A membership to Now’s Entertainment costs £9.99 per month, and new members might be able to get a deal.

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