Why Did Elvis And Pricilla Divorce? The Reason Behind They Split?

In November of 1959, when Elvis was 24 years old and Priscilla was 14 (using her maiden name at the time), they met. On February 1, 1968, nine months after getting married on May 1, 1967, in Las Vegas, they welcomed their only child, a girl called Lisa Marie Presley.

They were married for four years, but Elvis and Priscilla eventually split up in 1972. Their divorce was formalized on October 9, 1973, and they shared custody of their daughter Lisa Marie until Elvis’s untimely death on August 16, 1977.

He was 42 years old. Priscilla, in an interview with People published in 2021, discussed how her love for Elvis accelerated her maturation. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, “I had to learn everything.”

Women were naturally drawn to him, making me wary if he had to go alone. I’d even accompany him to the dentist. For this reason, I kept a close eye on him: “Everyone in the world is after him.” Priscilla told People that she “liked” being Elvis’ wife and that she remembered their relationship with fondness despite their marital problems.

“I was always ready to greet him at the door and pamper him,” she gushed. “I had a great time looking after Elvis. It was a joy to take care of him. Feeding him was a joy for me. Because of the sheer number of us, we developed our own language and resorted to baby talk. My life was wonderful.

This was not the norm, but it was uniquely ours. I will always remember those wonderful occasions,” she continued. Every person has doubts and concerns as they mature. But with maturity comes comprehension. In this article, we will discuss why did Elvis and Pricilla divorce and how they both meet each other.

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How Did Elvis And Priscilla Presley Meet?

The Presleys’ meeting method is unknown. While Elvis was 24 years old, Pricilla (then known as Beaulieus) was only 14 when they first met in West Germany in November 1959. During his time in the United States Army, Elvis Presley was stationed in Germany.

On the other hand, Priscilla’s family had relocated to Germany that same year due to her father’s transfer to the Air Force. One night while out with her brother, Priscilla was approached by a member of the Air Force who asked if she would want to accompany him and his wife to meet Elvis.

why did elvis and pricilla divorce
why did elvis and pricilla divorce

Priscilla was granted permission to meet Elvis when she contacted her father, who then spoke with the Air Force member’s commanding commander. Priscilla, who was in ninth grade at the time, wore a navy and white sailor dress to meet Elvis at his temporary residence in Bad Nauheim, Germany, that night.

From what we can gather from Biography.com, Priscilla was the one who first caught Elvis’ eye, prompting him to dedicate numerous of his songs to her.

Why Did Elvis And Priscilla Presley Divorce?

When asked why they split up, Elvis and Priscilla Presley gave different answers. In the seventh month of her pregnancy with Lisa Marie, Priscilla agreed to a trial separation from Elvis. Lisa Marie’s parents were only apart for a brief period before she was born.

Priscilla said that Elvis didn’t want to sleep with her because she was too tired after giving birth to Lisa Marie. Though Elvis assured Priscilla that he was concerned about her health, she revealed in her 1986 memoir, Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, that the singer had a history of being repelled by mothers. why did Elvis and Pricilla divorce.

He had said, “before we were married, that he had never been able to make love to a woman who had had a kid,” she wrote. Elvis was unfaithful to Priscilla during their entire marriage. In addition, Priscilla had an affair with the dance studio owner. They reaffirmed their vows in Hawaii a few years after their wedding, but their relationship never recovered.

why did elvis and pricilla divorce
why did elvis and pricilla divorce

In a 1978 interview with People magazine, Priscilla said, “My life was his life.” My issues were minor in comparison. As time went on, Priscilla continued an affair with her karate instructor, Mike Stone. Her breakup with Elvis was announced in 1972.

According to Biography.com, after learning of her affair, Elvis considered hiring a hitman to kill Mike but was eventually persuaded against it. The divorce between Elvis and Priscilla was finalized on October 9, 1973. “I didn’t file for divorce from him because I’d grown to hate him. To quote Priscilla from an interview she gave in 2016: “He was the love of my life, but I had to discover about the world.”

Priscilla and Elvis shared custody of their daughter Lisa Marie amicably after their divorce. There’s a documentary called “Elvis: The Presleys” Priscilla stated that Elvis’ pill addiction escalated after they split up and divorced. why did Elvis and Pricilla divorce.

While on the road, Elvis began to rely on pharmaceutical drugs, as she explained. According to Priscilla, “his difficulty to sleep, a longtime dilemma, was significantly exacerbated” in the film. He became increasingly reliant on medications “to drive away his blues or just give him the stamina to make it through the day.”

Priscilla admitted in the documentary that her preoccupation with Lisa Marie caused her to disregard “warning indications” of Elvis’ drug use. Priscilla admitted, “Because I was focused on my own life and the lives of my small daughter, I may have missed some of the warning signs.”

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Until the day we officially split up, that is. The Presleys said that Priscilla said her divorce from Elvis was “wonderful,” despite their problems before the split. Amazing, she thought, because “we held hands as we sat in the judge’s chambers and signed the final decree.”

In spite of the fact that we are divorcing, it felt more like we were a long-married pair than bitter enemies. Priscilla said that Elvis was “soft and kind” on the day that they divorced, and she said that he performed “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton to her as they left the courtroom.

why did elvis and pricilla divorce
why did elvis and pricilla divorce

Priscilla recalls holding Elvis’ hand in court, and that was the first time she saw how far his health problems had advanced as a result of his drug usage. “As Elvis’s fingertips contacted mine, I became scared,” Priscilla claimed. why did Elvis and Pricilla divorce.

His normally flawless hands had become bloated and swollen. For some reason, I understood that something wasn’t right. I could tell by the look in his eyes and the touch of his fingertips. The King passed away in 1977, so that’s a full four years later. Age-wise, he was a mature 42 years old.

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