After Pushing The Lions’ Medical Trainer, Packers Rookie Quay Walker Receives The Twitter Thrashing Of A Lifetime

Quay Walker, a rookie with the Green Bay Packers, is facing intense criticism following his poor performance in Week 18’s matchup with the Detroit Lions.

Midway through the fourth quarter of the game, Walker was dismissed for pushing a Lions medical trainer who was just assisting D’Andre Swift. The Packers’ 10-yard line was when the Detroit running back was tackled, and as the trainer was checking him, Walker just abruptly shoved the staff member.

The linebacker, 22, was promptly dismissed from the contest. Even worse, he lost the Packers the lead, dooming them ultimately and eliminating their chance to go to the postseason.

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He certainly provoked a lot of angry responses with his behavior. Damar Hamlin’s life was saved by an athletic trainer last Monday, making those in similar situations more appreciative. But Walker went beyond merely disrespecting a staff member; he also decided to be aggressive and violent.

I’m furious over Quay Walker. Quay Walker shoved the medical expert as he entered the field to treat a player who was hurt. That is never acceptable. Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk advised suspending him for numerous games.

“Anyone making excuses for Quay Walker pushing a trainer needs to remember that only six days earlier a trainer SAVED THE LIFE of Damar Hamlin,” the Pro Football Talk account tweeted in response.

ESPN’s Chris Canty said, “Quay Walker’s behavior was embarrassing! How can you attack Lion’s medical personnel as they work to treat a player who is hurt? It’s a lack of awareness following the events of the previous week, in addition to the competitive disadvantage he caused by getting disqualified.

Another supporter remarked, “On Monday, an Athletic trainer saved someone’s life, and today Quay Walker shoved one, such a fool.” Matt LaFleur, the head coach of the Packers, also expressed his displeasure with Quay Walker for what he did.

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After Green Bay’s 20-16 loss to the Lions, the seasoned coach said in the postgame press conference that what his player did was “unacceptable.”

“I have much higher expectations for our players than for them to act in such a foolish way. A person was kicked out twice. In my career, I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed that. That offends me greatly. LaFleur declared that it was unacceptable.

Given how the Packers’ season played out, it won’t be shocking if Walker is disciplined by the group and the league.

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