The Historic Church Fire In Downtown Portland Has New Information

KPTV in Portland, Oregon – About the catastrophic fire that destroyed the Old Portland Korean Church in downtown Portland, fresh information is becoming available. Just after 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the fire broke out, and it took 80 firemen to put it out.

Although the church has been abandoned and boarded up, local residents and workers claim they have seen dozens of people camping next to it, with some even allegedly breaking in.

As a result of the tents, there was “heavy transitory activity,” according to Brandon Flohr, a nearby restaurant employee. Videos from roughly a year ago that FOX 12 viewers have provided appear to show indications of fire activity close to the church. One shows a man preparing food over an open flame. Another image displayed what appeared to be the burned-out remnants of a campfire, all of which were close to the deserted church.

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However, the cause of the fire has not yet been disclosed by authorities. According to PF&R officials, the church experienced a smaller fire in September 2020. According to city records, Beaverton dentist Hadi Nouredine is the current owner of the demolished church.

When FOX 12 went to see Dr. Nouredine, his dental office informed our crews that he was unavailable at the moment. The dentist’s staff attested that Nouredine is the church’s owner.
The personnel at the Old Church Concert Hall said this fire was too near for comfort next to the burned-out remnants of the church. Two wooden churches in the heart of Portland, just a block apart, are “equally vulnerable to fire,” according to Constance Bracewell, executive director of Old Church Concert Hall. “Therefore, it undoubtedly resonated.”

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The Old Church Concert hall is located in a church that was constructed in the 1880s and resembles the Old Portland Korean church that burned in terms of size and structure. According to Bracwell, the fire on Tuesday is a warning about the condition of Portland’s downtown.

According to Bracewell, “We are working very hard to bring people back to downtown and to create a sense of safety downtown.” “And it doesn’t instill a sense of safety when you watch a deserted structure go up in flames like that,” the speaker continued.

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