Fielder Jewett: Who Is Hunter Doohan? Is He Married Or Not?

Fielder Jewett: California-based film producer Fielder Jewett has featured some of his incredible work in several films. He attended Wesleyan University and graduated with a BA in Film Study. Jewett’s work as an Associate Producer includes the documentaries Imperial Dreams, Bleeding Heart, and All the Wilderness. Rosy and The Disappearance of Sidney Hall are two more films he was involved in producing. Fielder has worked in production for a while now, during which time he has read and monitored screenplays, hired talent and crew, and traveled with production firms to supervise production. For a modest indie studio, he oversees the production process for all feature-length films.

Fielder Jewett Husband: Is He Married?

Fielder Jewett is now happily married to his partner, Hunter Doohan, after coming out as gay. On the 31st of December in 2020, Fielder and Hunter tied the knot. No one knows yet what the wedding ceremony entails. On the last day of 2020, Fielder announced his engagement. They got married on June 17, 2021, and Bryan Cranston, Hunter’s co-star on the TV show Your Honor, served as the officiant.

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Hunter Doohan Reveals How He Met His Husband

Actor Hunter Doohan talked about his marriage and how he met his husband, Fielder Jewett, in a new interview published on Wednesday. The actor Hunter Doohan tied the knot with film producer Fielder Jewett earlier this year.

Hunter popped the question to Fielder at year’s end, and the two tied the knot this past June. In addition, the officiant was Bryan Cranston, with whom Hunter co-starred in the film Your Honor.

Hunter and Fielder uploaded pictures from the event to their Instagram accounts. On the latest episode of the Keep It! podcast (which debuted on the 14th of December) with hosts Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel, Hunter discussed Fielder.

He said, “He is a total nerd in every way imaginable. He constantly engages in intellectual pursuits, be they literary or cinematic. Sometimes we’ll go to trivia nights together, and I’ll sit there and let him take the spotlight while I smile to myself.”

In response to a question about how he and Fielder first connected, Hunter, said, “Tinder.” He elaborated further, “We first met in 2015 and became engaged amid the influenza epidemic. The pandemic came at a good time for me since I had been in New Orleans for six months filming Your Honor.

Now that I’m back, we can finally spend quality time together. We lost count of how many friends got divorced, married, or had children during the pandemic.” At another point in the podcast, Hunter talks about spending his Wednesday filming day obsessively watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

He stated, “I became a dedicated fan of the genre for the first time in Romania. Simply being able to binge-watch 14 seasons of Drag Race in the downtime from being a monster on set was a godsend.”

Hunter elaborated, “My stupid gay brain can only think of White Lotus right now,” about his inability to conceive of any other pop cultural phenomenon with which he is currently enamored. This 28-year-old, though, later admitted, “I was infatuated with everything Shonda Rhimes did forever.”

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Meet Hunter Doohan Family

John Doohan is Hunter’s brother, and Angie and Peter Doohan are his parents. Peter, an Australian tennis pro who played mainly in the 1980s, and his doubles partner Laurie Warder, made it to the Australian Open final in 1987.

The Wednesday actress got her start in the business by auditioning for a play in high school, and then she relocated to Santa Monica to enroll in a two-year acting program. His character, Jericho “normie” Tyler Galpin, works at the Weathervane cafe and becomes friends with Wednesday even though he does not attend Nevermore Academy.

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