Stacia And Nate Divorce: They Confirms It’s Time’ To Move On

Stacia and Nate divorce: Stacia Karcher, the actress of the hit Lifetime reality series Married at First Sight, has recently announced her breakup with boyfriend Nate Barnes. She let it slip that they were no longer together and had ultimately gotten a divorce. During the season premiere of Married at First Sight: Nashville on Thursday night, Stacia revealed to host Kevin Frazier that she had decided to move on from Nate. Season 15 of Married at First Sight featured Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes.

The first couple survived till Decision Day and stayed together afterward. There was a lot of love between them, but they were also having difficulties and arguments. They were up against the legal obstacles, but they prevailed. It was disclosed in November of this year that they were house-hopping. For Nate, this was a far better option for his health. He was a resident of San Diego’s downtown area, whereas Stacia favored the city’s outskirts. Stacia and Nate divorce.

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Stacia And Nate Divorce

There was a special airing in anticipation of the start of the new season of Married at First Sight. In Season 16 of “The Bachelor,” five new couples go to Nashville to wed an anonymous bachelor or bachelorette. Even so, Kevin Frazier checked in with a few of the Season 15 spouses before the wedding episode to get the latest scoop.

Several people were taken aback by the news. Stacia Karcher has stated that she and her ex-boyfriend Nate Barnes have officially broken up. Nate, she replied, “is not here anymore. Sadly, I am no longer married. With that, Stacia said, “Yeah, It’s time [to move on].

All of his promises on the broadcast were empty ones. None of that happened. She then explained, “I gave it time,” expanding on her previous statement. We waited. For my part, I waited my turn. Because I wanted to show him how serious I was about him, I moved in with him. Even so, I hope we can remain friends. Nothing except goodwill [is] in my heart [towards him]. I’ve always liked him a lot, and I want him now. Stacia and Nate divorce.

stacia and nate divorce
stacia and nate divorce

Stacia answered “no” when the host questioned if there was any chance of a reconciliation. She clarified that the love she has for him is purely platonic. It was Kevin Frazier who asked, “You closed that door?” When asked if they planned to return, Stacia said, “Yeah, we don’t go back.”

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Things That Led Up To Their Divorce

Stacia and Nate appeared to be invested entirely at the start of the season. They were incredibly attracted to one another and shared some pretty passionate times. A lot of people saw potential in these two. They just weren’t meant to be together. From the looks of things in the Where Are They Now? the episode, Stacia and Nate were having some difficulties. She admitted she had even requested a breakup with him. Stacia and Nate divorce.

Stacia was unhappy with the direction her relationship with Nate was taking. She was eager to get things rolling so they could establish roots and begin a family as soon as possible. Nate was uncertain about taking any of these steps, including moving in with her permanently. He was reluctant to vacate his current dwelling.

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