Haley Anderson Murder Of N.Y. Nursing Student Leads To An International Manhunt

Haley Anderson murder: New York’s Long Island is home to the excellent Haley Anderson. She had a charming laugh and was very generous with her time. Haley was an exceptionally talented, loving, and dedicated family member who never left their side. Many people wanted to be near her because of her positive and caring personality.

Many people saw her as nothing more than a bundle of pure happiness. Haley earned her nursing degree from Binghamton University in New York in 2018. She was in her fifth year, a senior, and she was as driven as ever. Even before she completed her degree, she already had a job waiting for her.

For as long as she could remember, Haley had planned to go to California, buy a hippie van, and travel the country working as a traveling nurse. She was a free spirit, for sure. However, she was then brutally murdered. Haley Anderson murder.

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Turning Into Something He Wasn’t

The real Kevin disappeared, and a new person emerged in his place. Eventually, Kevin’s fraternity brothers found out about Haley and Orlando. Orlando refused to listen to their advice and remained in the relationship. Orlando wasn’t ready to let Haley go, even though Haley had previously said she wanted to end the relationship.

After they broke up, Orlando continued to sneak around Haley’s place. He would light up a cigarette and wait for her on the porch, where he could watch the world go by. He also made it a habit to drive by Haley’s house at odd times to get her attention. Haley’s fears were justified; Orlando had been acting very strangely.

 haley anderson murder
haley anderson murder

Where Is Haley?

On March 7th, Haley and her roommates had a lovely day together, enjoying board games and wine. Joy, dancing, and lots of laughter permeated the air. After the girls had been up since one morning, they decided to call it a night and head to bed.

Haley’s bedroom door was locked the next day when her roommates Josie and Michaela checked on her. They figured she had either slept in or gone out with her pals. They didn’t think about it. But they became concerned when Haley didn’t contact them all day. Haley Anderson murder.

In any case, Haley would reply or be available at all times. The search for Haley’s phone led them to the realization that she was filling in for Orlando. The people who cared about Haley could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

They assumed she had not responded to their messages because she hid her reunion with Orlando out of shame. Perhaps she anticipated being judged harshly for her actions. That wasn’t the story, of course, but it would take some time to figure out the truth.

Orlando In Nicaragua

When Orlando arrived at the airport in Nicaragua, his mother greeted him and took him home. However, the town’s residents lacked access to reliable medical treatment. Orlando had to travel to a hospital in Leon, about an hour and a half away from his home. Someone at the hospital recognized him and reported him missing. Haley Anderson murder.

A few times later, he was arrested. Because Orlando was a dual United States citizen and Nicaragua, things quickly became more complicated. He was a citizen of Nicaragua. Therefore, the authorities there didn’t have to extradite him to the United States. That’s why he stayed put.

_haley anderson murder
_haley anderson murder

The Death Sentence

The media paid more attention to Orlando’s felony accusation of femicide after Haley’s case. Current legal precedent in the United States lacks any statutes specifically addressing femicide. Haley’s mother believes that her daughter’s death will shed focus on the seriousness of the crime and the need for such laws. Haley Anderson murder.

According to a UN estimate, one woman is murdered by a member of her own family every 11 minutes. When women say no, they risk severe repercussions, even death.

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The Difficulties Of Her College Life

At Kevin’s 2016 house party, Haley was a guest. She connected with Orlando Tercero, a fellow nursing student, at the party. Haley and Orlando had taken a few classes together but had never been close until that night. Personality-wise, Orlando and Haley were a match made in heaven.

Both worked very hard during the week and relaxed on the weekend. They both valued expanding their social circles. Together, they were hilarious and the life of the party. Orlando and Kevin were quite close to one another. To help him in his endeavor to establish a fraternity, Kevin recruited Orlando.

Since they were the only two Hispanics in the group who shared the same language, they became very close. Now, Haley and Kevin’s relationship was intermittent at best. Haley used the break to have an affair with Orlando. But she clarified that she wasn’t looking for a monogamous partnership. All she wanted was a casual hookup. That was fine with Orlando. Well, at least that’s what he said. Haley Anderson murder.

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