7 Women And A Murder Reviews: New Netflix Mystery Movie Worth The Watch?

7 women and a murder reviews: Wednesday, December 28, 2022, marked the worldwide premiere of 7 Women and a Murder, a satirical Italian murder mystery film released on Netflix. The film, directed by Alessandro Genovesi, was inspired by a French movie from 2002 called 8 Women, which François Ozon directed.

The Netflix original series 7 Women and a Murder has been getting a lot of buzz since its premiere for its dramatic and novel storytelling, enthusiastic director, and excellent acting performances from the primary ensemble cast, all leading to a surprising and unexpected climax. 7 women and a murder reviews.

7 Women And A Murder Reviews

It’s the evening of Christmas Eve, and everyone is getting together to celebrate the season. But when the father of the home is found dead, everyone is a suspect. There are seven women in this story, and the evidence goes in different directions, making it difficult for the survivors to determine who mourns the dead and who committed the murder.

Some of the best films have been compared to precious stones when discussing them. This paints a picture of stunning, spotless beauty. A perfect gem worthy of admiration. There may be defects in a gem, however. Even with these problems, which detract from an otherwise stunning design, the work is rich in content. 7 women and a murder reviews.

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That’s how I felt when seeing 7 Women and a Murder. The enigma itself is the film’s most outstanding achievement. The film succeeds admirably in making its audience guess who the killer is. All characters have their own unique set of goals and chances.

The movie keeps the ultimate solution under wraps until the end, as the characters take turns accusing and suspecting one another. When it eventually does happen, it’s a satisfying reveal. The plot holds together reasonably well, although the performances may leave some viewers cold.

7 women and a murder reviews
7 women and a murder reviews

I’m caught between campy and ham-fisted when describing the cast’s performances in 7 Women and a Murder. There are loud gasps, and periodic fainting fits in response to every fresh unveiling.

Even when a just cause has been shown, an accusation nonetheless leaves the accused gasping for air, unable to fathom why they would be singled out. These incidents alternate between being hilarious and downright humiliating. 7 women and a murder reviews.

Even though I had mixed views about this comedy mystery because of its shaky execution, you can give it a shot if you believe the fast-paced, over-the-top characters might be amusing.

The eccentric characters in 7 Women and a Murder are placed in a milieu that seems tailor-made for the murder mystery unfolding. The cast shares the historic mansion’s initial impression of attractiveness and grandeur: towering ceilings and intricate décor.

Like the rest of the movie’s actors, the mansion starts to feel phoney not long into the action. It’s as if the family is a blind duck, oblivious to the many fractures within its walls. As a critic, 7 Women and a Murder puts me in an unusual position.

7 women and a murder reviews
7 women and a murder reviews

I had a good time viewing it, but I can’t say for sure that I’d suggest it to others. It’s entertaining but falls short of being a “good” movie in many ways. The intrigue is there, even if the cast doesn’t always nail their lines or performances. Despite its flaws, the film has its moments of brilliance. 7 women and a murder reviews.

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Over-The-Top Acting Performances Befitting A Dramatic Satire

Margherita Buy plays Margherita, Sabrina Impacciatore plays Agostina, Diana Del Bufalo plays Susanna, Benedetta Porcaroli plays Caterina, Luisa Ranieri plays Maria, Micaela Ramazzotti plays Veronica, and Ornella Vanoni plays Rachele in 7 Women and a Murder.

The seven female actors and actresses who play various roles in the show do an outstanding job of bringing their characters to life. Particular kudos are due to Margherita Buy, who plays Margherita, and Micaela Ramazzotti, who plays Veronica, for their restrained yet captivating performances.

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