What Happened To Notti Osama? News Of The 14 Year Old Rapper’s Death

What happened to Notti Osama: Notti Osama, aka Ethan Reyes, was recently stabbed in a New York City subway station. The 14-year-brother, old’s DD Osama, also paid tribute to him online. The tragedy occurred on July 11.

What Happened To Notti Osama

Notti Osama, 15, was stabbed in the 137th Street/City College subway station on July 9 at 3 p.m. after fighting with a rival. In the end, Osama passed away in Mount Sinai Morningside. Authorities say they don’t know what started the fight, but the two kids clearly had tension.

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The suspect has been apprehended by the police and booked on charges of first-degree homicide and criminal possession. At first, the 15-year-old was suspected of murdering someone in the second degree. But the prosecution’s position shifted when they learned that Reyes had cornered the defendant and attacked him with a broomstick.

As Ethan and his allies grew in strength, the accused attempted to run but was stabbed by one of them. The knife and the broomstick were located at the crime scene, and the police also discovered video footage of the incident. Meanwhile, the suspect was transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital for treatment of stab wounds, according to the police. What happened to Notti Osama?

Everything Known About Notti Osama

New York City drill rapper Notti Osama, age 14, lived in the early 2000s. Rappers often mock their competitors in the drill rapping style. This, according to investigators, may have sparked the tragic brawl. Osama, the youngest of six children, just shared the music video for a new tune titled “Without You” with his brother. Osama’s cousin Lily Ortega said he was a cheerful, caring kid who cherished time with his family.

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Tributes Began Pouring In After News Of The Rapper’s Death

At a candlelight vigil organized in his honor in New York City, one of the rapper’s pals remarked that he had a smile worth a million dollars. Additionally, the mystery person stated that Reyes was driven to succeed in his pursuit of being a rapper and put in the extra effort each day to that end.

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