Trolls 3 Cast: What It Is Going To Be Called?

Trolls 3 cast: There’s a nagging suspicion that a third “Trolls” film is in the works, and that suspicion is well-founded. Since the premiere of “Trolls,” a 2016 animated film franchise from Universal Pictures, the world has been turned upside down.

Anna Kendrick played Poppy, a bubbly, optimistic Troll who loves pop music, in “Trolls,” an animated film based on the exceedingly twee, puffy-haired ’80s toys of the same name. Poppy and Branch (Justin Timberlake), a grump with a heart of gold, must save their fellow Pop Troll family.

Poppy and her pals would spontaneously break into song at random intervals, belting out tunes by Lionel Richie, Ariana Grande, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and many more. Featuring Timberlake’s equally catchy vocals, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” helped propel the animated film to box office success and an Oscar contender.

Despite the widespread devastation caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the sequel “Trolls World Tour” managed to survive its initial domestic release in 2020. Thus, the second “Trolls” film was given a day-and-date theatrical and PVOD release, which paid off handsomely and helped the film land among the year’s highest-grossing domestic pictures.

The fact that the first two “Trolls” films have earned over $500 million combined globally makes it seem like a third installment isn’t too far off, as do the pleasant voice performances, upbeat musical moments, and exciting animation technique. Trolls 3 cast.

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Does Trolls 3 Release Date

Since Universal Pictures has not announced whether or not it will produce a third “Trolls” film, there is currently no scheduled release date. Fans of the “Trolls” films have reason to be optimistic about the prospect of a new movie, even without an official green light from Universal.

Indicative of whether or not a third “Trolls” film will be made is how well “Trolls World Tour” does at the box office. The decision to release the sequel simultaneously in theatres and via video on demand paid off, with the film grossing about $100 million in domestic rental sales in its first three weeks. It has also been reported that the DVD and Blu-ray sales of the second “Trolls” film grossed $49.8 million in the United States.

trolls 3 cast
trolls 3 cast

According to Box Office Mojo, the film has made $46.8 million overseas. With roughly $200 million in sales, “Trolls World Tour” has proven successful enough to warrant a third installment. (It certainly doesn’t help that Justin Timberlake wants to make several “Trolls” sequels.) Trolls 3 cast.

The topic of when (rather than if) a third “Trolls” film would arrive is on our minds now that box office returns have been trending upward, and the franchise has proven to be relatively successful with its target audience of young children.

Two “Trolls” films were released four years apart; this could happen again. If Universal gives the go-ahead for “Trolls 3” by the year’s end in 2021, the animation project will take at least two years to complete.

That puts the earliest window for “Trolls 3” at some point in 2023. Nevertheless, depending on the expected production timetable for animated films, “Trolls 3” could be released in 2024 or 2025.

Trolls 3 Cast

Without an official go-ahead for “Trolls 3,” we don’t have the whole cast for Universal Pictures’ third installment. Since actors typically sign multi-year contracts for major potential franchises like “Trolls,” we may safely speculate on which actors will return based on the success of the first two films in the series. Trolls 3 cast.

To begin with, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake will likely return to their roles as Poppy and Branch. Also expected to return from the first two “Trolls” films are Kunal Nayyar’s Guy Diamond, Ron Funches’ Cooper, and James Corden’s Biggie.

trolls 3 cast
trolls 3 cast

Trolls 3’s cast has expanded substantially since “Trolls World Tour,” making it difficult to predict who will appear. This provides a lot of leeway for picking and choosing which characters would appear in a third film. Trolls 3 cast.

Barb (Rachel Bloom) is the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls, Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson) is the mayor of the Country Trolls, Hickory (Sam Rockwell) is a Yodel Troll, King Trollex (Anthony Ramos) is the King of the Techno Trolls, Chaz (Jamie Dornan) is a Smooth Jazz Troll, and Essence (Mary J. Blige) is the Queen Given the abundance of new faces introduced in “Trolls World Tour,” it’s not out of the question that one of them will make an appearance in “Trolls 3,” and even more promising, that they’ll play a significant part. Trolls 3 cast.

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Trolls 3 Plot

While we don’t know what direction “Trolls 3” will take the story, we know that the future holds a lot of potential for this universe and these characters. Taking them on a “Trolls World Tour,” the plot could go beyond the Pop Trolls’ world, where Poppy and Branch lived. In the sequel, the heroic Pop Troll couple fought to prevent Barb, Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls, from using the six mystical lyre strings (one for each Troll tribe) to turn all trolls into mindless beings who adored rock music.

As they traveled through the five areas, Poppy and Branch met the Trolls that lived there and learned why it was so important to honor the many distinct types of Trolls and their music. Trolls 3 cast.

Now that Poppy and Branch no longer have an enemy in Barb (or any of the other Troll tribes) and the world has returned to normal, a new adventure for Poppy and company is inevitable. This leaves the way clear for a fresh lousy guy to show up, or for some other possibly planet-altering catastrophe to take place, compelling the Trolls to band together musically.

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