Man Found Dead Near Roosevelt Field Who Was Thought To Have Killed One Person And Injured Another

Around 11:45 in the morning, Nassau Community College implemented a lockdown procedure. However, school authorities stated that just before 2 p.m., they were informed by police that all indications were that Kim had departed the area.

This information was sent to them just before 2 p.m. According to the report that can be seen on the website of the educational institution, the lockdown that had been implemented at the school has been terminated.

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According to the authorities, schools in Garden City went into “lock out” mode, which means that no one was permitted to enter the buildings where the schools are located.

The authorities at the mall used their social media accounts to keep the public informed about the situation. Officials stated on their Facebook page at about one o’clock in the afternoon that customers and personnel were being let to leave the mall, even though the shopping center had been placed under lockdown earlier in the day.

The shopping center was fully accessible to customers just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Within the parking lot on the south side of the Macy’s Department Store, a police command center was established.

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The use of police helicopters was initiated. Agents from the FBI and the State Police were also there. The authorities examined every parking lot and garage in the shopping center for a vehicle that may have belonged to the suspect in the shooting or that the suspect utilized.

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