Denver Broncos Sam Williams’ Christmas Present Following The Collision: I’m Grateful To Be Alive

Sam Williams, a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, thinks of himself as a living example of how to value life and the people in it. Williams saw this firsthand on Thursday after being T-boned in Plano by a driver who failed to give way to the rookie second-round pick from Mississippi as he was driving home from practice in his new Corvette ZO6 he purchased the previous evening from Allen Samuels Direct in Euless.

Williams survived the terrible collision that severely damaged the driver’s side of the automobile considerably. His front wheels took off, scattering parts of himself across four lanes. I kept my car moving forward.

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All I can recall is how quickly the car before it passed without signaling. I guess another automobile passed me as I continued to go straight, and I looked over to see that I was being struck from the driver’s side,” Williams said.

And I tried to steady myself by gripping the steering wheel tightly. All I could hear after it stopped was, “Get out of the car; it’s smoking.” Everyone was on their phones as soon as I exited, saying, “There is no way you lived that.”

You could not have survived that. As soon as I turned back, I exclaimed, “Look at my effing automobile. That automobile was just mine. After that, we attempted to assist the woman but could not because the fire department had not yet arrived.

Williams and the other motorist were transported to the hospital as a precaution. Williams initially thought about his car, after which reality hit him. He was able to place Christmas and his family in their proper context.

Yes, Williams admitted that her initial thought was “thank god” since things could have been worse. “I had my son and his mother on my mind. I might have left that quickly without saying goodbye or even seeing them.

I was returning home to see them. I was maybe five to six minutes away from my residence. I give thanks for life as I reflect on the incident. The most significant gift we have is life every day because you never know,” said one person as Christmas approached.

I urge everyone to hug their loved ones. Any argument with family members should end because you never know when that day will come. Like I was going through that, I checked in on everyone, including my family, because, as I said, you never know.

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And I’m just grateful I’m still alive because the car is like, man. God’s methods are enigmatic. I am sure he has something special in mind for me. Williams said he merely suffered scratches on “his gorgeous face” and felt well enough to play against the Philadelphia Eagles when he woke up on Saturday.

But the Cowboys decided to keep him out due to safety concerns and their concern that he might have had a head injury. He has received the all-clear and is not under the concussion protocol. Williams intends to participate in Thursday’s game vs. the Tennessee Titans.

Following a lovely and happy Christmas with his family, he was undoubtedly in good spirits on Monday. Williams remarked, “I had fun with my son and my family. “My son received all he requested and more. It is merely a blessing. Not a sad day, either.

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