Blue Lock Episode 13: When And Where To Watch?

Blue lock episode 13: On January 7, 2023, Blue Lock will return for the season 2 premiere. Season 1 of the anime has premiered with the first 12 episodes. After the confirmed dates were released, the anime also unveiled the new image of “Blue Lock” Cour 2. The series’ connection to the FIFA World Cup has contributed much to the anime’s meteoric rise in popularity. During the World Cup, it tapped into the fervor of the sports’ devoted followers. In October of this year, the show’s premiere aired, and fans loved it because it coincided with the World Cup.

Blue Lock Episode 12 Ending

In episode 12 of Blue Lock, the subject of the Blue Lock Project’s second pick was discussed. Yoichi Isagi advanced to the playoffs as the first member of Team Z to do so. In a 90-minute game against a holographic goalkeeper, each player had to score 100 times.

However, not every participant will make it through this round unscathed. Toward the episode’s close, Ego lays down the guidelines for the 3v3 match. The victorious team, at their discretion, may choose a member of the losing team.

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However, the goal of each group is to build a stable five-person squad. Only four people on Team Z have made it this far. But if a team loses its last player, that individual alone will be eliminated from the competition.

Meanwhile, if a team were to lose its previous player, the whole squad would be eliminated. Also, the fact that Isagi and Bachira teamed up with Nagi to form a three-man team shows how egotistical Isagi is becoming.

Extremely tense, suspenseful moments are left towards the end of the episode. As Isagi schemes to abduct Rin, the Blue Lock project’s star striker. However, they’ll also have to face off against the top three attackers for Blue Lock.

When And Where To Watch Blue Lock Episode 13

Blue Lock, season one, episode one, is currently streaming on Netflix. On the same platform, episode 13 will be available on January 7, 2023. Because of its widespread appeal, the anime release will occur at different times in various regions worldwide. And so it goes:

  • Saturday, January 7 at 7 a.m. PST (10 a.m. EST)
  • Saturday, January 7 at 10 a.m. EST (Noon) [British Summer Time]
  • Saturday, 7 January, 15:30 BST [British Winter Time]
  • Saturday night, January 7th, at 10 p.m. [Indian Standard Time]

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Blue Lock Episode 13 Plot

“High school soccer players from around Japan meet for a controversial experiment aiming to build the best — and most egoistic — striker in the world,” as the official summary of the anime puts it. The shonen sports manga Blue Lock by Muneyuki Kaneshiro served as the inspiration for the anime.

Isagi Yoichi is the main character and wants to be the best striker in the world; hence the program centers on him and his journey to get there. The elimination of Japan from the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the hands of Belgium is only the beginning of the story.

As a result of what happened, the Japanese Football Union has started a new footballing initiative aimed solely at identifying and developing the finest strikers among high school students.

They will finally take home the World Cup trophy with that squad. Blue Lock was a trendy search term online during the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar.

Japan surprised everyone by advancing out of the group stage when they had to face football powerhouses like Germany and Spain. Similar content can be found in the manga. It’s not always smooth sailing for a fictional character while they’re out there kicking goals.

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