Willie McGinest, a former NFL linebacker, has issued a statement, making public comments for the first time since his Friday arrest and subsequent felony assault with a deadly weapon allegation.

Earlier this month, the confrontation at the Los Angeles nightclub led to the arrest. According to a video acquired by TMZ, McGinest participated in a group that attacked a man at the club, and the former NFL player used a bottle in the assault.

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“I want to start by sincerely apologizing for my poor judgment and actions on December 9 at a restaurant in West Hollywood. Please be aware that I feel terrible about my acts and accept full responsibility in front of my family, community, friends, and the young people I mentor.

Please know I am mortified and regret what happened, he said, “to my colleagues at the NFL Network and others I work closely with as an advisor to professional and community-based groups.

The fact that this is an isolated episode and does not represent my faith, my role as a father, my body of work as a person, or the role model I have worked so hard to become makes me feel most disappointed in myself.

It is deeply upsetting for me that years of volunteer work, involvement with young people, mentoring, and professional growth would all be forgotten in a single, preventable incident.

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“This experience has caused me to examine my mind, soul, and spirit deeply. No matter the provocation’s severity, I know that violence is never the best course of action in such circumstances. You may be confident that I will do all in my power to win back the public’s confidence, rebuild strained ties, and prevent this from happening again.
Shortly after being charged, McGinest posted a $30,000 bond and was freed; he was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. NFL Network has reportedly suspended him during the probe, according to Yahoo! Sports.

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