Ranking Of Kings Season 2: Who Is The Number 1 King Ousama Ranking?

Ranking of Kings Season 2: The anime Ranking of Kings appeared out of nowhere at the end of 2021, capturing viewers’ imagination with its magnificent euro-fantasy aesthetic and charmingly inspiring story about a young deaf Prince. In all honesty, the show’s first season was a masterwork of contemporary anime scripting.

Its 23 episodes presented a cleverly subversive narrative about heroism (and what heroes look like) while keeping viewers on their toes throughout. As a bonus, its beauty cannot be denied.

But now that the first season is behind us, what can we expect from the show in the future? We don’t know when we’ll see more of the Ranking of Kings kings, but we know that in 2023, there will be a “special episode.” Ranking of Kings Season 2.

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Ranking of Kings Season 2 Release Date

Treasure Chest of Courage, a “side episode” (i.e., not based on Sasuke Tka’s original manga) of Ranking of Kings, is scheduled for publication in April 2023 to tide fans over until news of season two of the show is announced.

Not much is known about this unique storyline, but a clip released in conjunction with the news suggests that Boji and Kage will get into all sorts of exciting situations. We also meet some of the other people who will be joining them, including a much less scary version of Prince Ouken. Read on to see it in action!

Ranking Of Kings season 2 Potential Release Date

If there is a second season, when can we anticipate seeing everyone’s favorite boy-king again? The time it took to obtain the first batch of episodes is the best indicator of how long it will be until we get the rest. Part 1 of Ranking of Kings is based on the original manga’s first 12 volumes (a total of 156 chapters).

Although author Sosuke Tka began penning the series in 2017, the first volume did not come out until February 2019; the twelfth volume was published in December 2018. This means that Tka spent a minimum of three years penning the necessary content for the current adaptation.

The release of Book #13, marking the beginning of Part 2, is on schedule, with the publication of a new volume every four months. Those keeping score at home can rest assured that there have been 191 chapters published in Ranking of Kings.

Ranking of Kings Season 2
Ranking of Kings Season 2

That means the next season of the anime won’t come around for another two and a half years when Bojji will have had enough experience to fill out a second season.

Assuming that a second season is approved, it would likely premiere in late 2024. We could see this sooner if WIT Studios opts to make a second season with 12 episodes instead. After the April 2023 airing of Treasure Chest of Courage, we’ll know for sure. Ranking of Kings Season 2.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Cast

  • Emily Fajardo (English) & Minami Hinata (Japanese): Prince Bojji (English)
  • We recommend Kage by Ayumu Murase (Japanese) and SungWon Cho (English)
  •  Rina Sat (Japanese) / Luci Christian / Queen Hilling (English)
  • Recommended: • Daida – Yûki Kaji (Japanese) / Justin Briner (English)
  • Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) and Brianna Roberts (English) star in “Miranjo” (English)
  • The Domas by Takuya Eguchi (Japanese) and A. J. Locascio (English)
  •  Dorshe, by Hinata Tadokoro (Japanese) / Brent Mukai (English)
  • Apeas by Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) and Luis Bermudez (English)
  • Despa by Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) and Christopher R. Sabat (English) Bebin by Yji Ueda (Japanese) and Christopher Wehkamp (English) (English)
  • Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Japanese) / Gabe Kunda, King Desha (English)
  • Kenta Miyake (Japanese) / Cris George – King Bosse (English)

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Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Plot

The finale finally resolved many of the dangling plot lines in the first season of Ranking of Kings. The body of King Daida was returned to him, Bojji and the fantastic four defeated Ouken and Miranjo, and King Bosse died (for real this time), floating out in a somewhat dignified manner.

Oh, and Daida proposed Miranjo, in case you’d forgotten. The stakes have been reset; where Season 2 might take the tale is unclear. Some hints may be revealed in the show’s final moments, though.

Boji renounces his throne and decides to go on adventures with Kage (and who can blame him? ), and Desha is crowned king. Desha promises that he and his brother will do all it takes to save their sibling Ouken (who was just squashed into a ball and yeeted into a lake, FYI).

These two events plant the seeds for future stories, and we can’t wait to see what grows from them, not least regarding the identity of the shadowy group behind the rankings.

In a December interview with Anime News Network, creator Ssuke Tka revealed: “Because I have a soft heart, I prefer stories that finish well. In an ideal world, I’d be able to make everyone happy. But I can’t help the bad ones out there. That is the essence of the matter.”

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Trailer

Given that the first trailer for Season 1 of Ranking of Kings debuted about five months before the first episode’s premiere, we can expect a trailer for Season 2 to debut in April 2024 if our prediction of a late 2024 release is accurate. Whatever the case, rest assured that you’ll be informed right here as soon as we have any new information.

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