What Happened To Big Scarr? Mystery Behind His Death?

What happened to big scarr: Big Scarr, a rapper from Memphis, died unexpectedly on December 22, 2022. He was 22 years old. Big Scarr’s death was mysterious, and it’s essential to find out what happened. Alexander Woods, aka Big Scarr, has purportedly passed away. Even though he hadn’t made the announcement, his fellow rappers confirmed the devastating news on social media. A heroin overdose may have claimed the life of rapper Mphasis, according to unofficial reports. According to another version, he was shot. However, it was not yet known what caused death. What happened to big scarr?

What Happened To Big Scarr

Big Scarr, a famous American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, died suddenly on December 22, 2022. He was just 22 years old. Many in the hip-hop world and beyond were shocked to learn of the young rapper’s death, and many expressed their condolences through online posts and messages.

News of the young musician’s passing spread across U.S. media and online platforms. This talented young rapper was shot and killed in the year 2020. Big Scarr had to have his appendix removed, and his right leg realigned when a bullet entered his spine, damaging both.

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Several other rappers confirmed the death on the 1017 label. No one knows what exactly killed Big Scarr. According to his official website, Big Scarr was shot in the hip, and the bullet traveled to his chest in 2020. A quotation from him reading, “I was moving, so the bullet started going, too,” appears in his biography. What happened to big scarr?

what happened to big scarr
What happened to big scarr

Doctors had to conduct a significant lobotomy on me to save me. Surgical removal of my appendix was required to get me back on my feet after an internal emergency. It took a lot less time than expected to return to normal, and I’m grateful for that. Big Ol’ Grim Reaper says in his bio, “It’s rough out here.

In my raps, I usually discuss events occurring in my community. Slums are a derogatory term for these poor communities. You’ll be down in the mud with the rest of us. Hoodie pulls the trigger. It’s not an easy task. You’re not having a dream. The scars of Big Scarr’s battles are visible on his face and body, yet he has prevailed. What happened to big scarr?

Who Was Big Scarr?

Big Scarr, real name Alexander Woods, was an American rapper born in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 7, 2000. He collaborated with Gucci Mane and was signed to Gucci’s label, 1017 Records.

His collaboration with Tay Keith, Foogiano, and Pooh Shiesty on the smash track “SoIcyBoyz” propelled him to fame. As the seventh of nine children, he spent his childhood in the Magnolia section of South Memphis.

Up until he was 13, he was his grandmother’s responsibility. He moved back in with his dad after his mom died of lung cancer. Woods was only 16 when he was thrown through the window of a friend’s car in an automobile accident.

Pooh Shiesty and Fogiano appear on Big Scarr’s smash song “SoIcyBoyz.” The follow-ups to “SoIcyBoyz,” “SoIcyBoyz 2,” and “SoIcyBoyz 3” have also been released. Producer Tay Keith contributes to episodes two and three, and Gucci Mane appears as a special guest star in episode three. What happened to big scarr?

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After its release on April 16, 2021, Big Scarr’s first mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, became an instant commercial success, selling 22,000 copies in its first week and reaching #25 on the Billboard 200.

This is what prompted Big Scarr to make his chart debut. It has been ten hours since he last updated his Instagram story. Scarr’s final mixtape, “Big Grim Reaper: The Return,” was released in April 2021.

The album features guest appearances from Gucci Mane, Offset, Pooh Shiesty, and others across its thirty tracks. Recently, Scarr’s popularity has skyrocketed; now, he has over 928,000 Instagram followers. What happened to big scarr?

The “Glockoma” Tour, headlined by Key Glock, was set to launch in March, and he was slated to make an appearance as a special guest. Scarr was scheduled to play at Rolling Loud California on March 3.

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