Who Is Jesse Palmer Married To? How Did They Both Meet Each Other?

Who is Jesse palmer married to? While Jesse Palmer’s season 5 candidates on The Bachelorette didn’t end up with him, he did find love with model Emely Fardo. Shortly after ABC announced that Palmer would take the helm of the iconic franchise in September 2021, PEOPLE learned that the former leading man was married. In 2004, Palmer starred as the fifth Bachelor on the ABC series.

He was dating Jessica Bowlin after the season concluded, but they called it quits a month later. Palmer and Fardo started dating in 2017 and recently got engaged in Paris this past July. “As time has passed, my admiration and love for this woman have only deepened. I can’t help but fall in love with her.

“After they were engaged, he made the statement to the Daily Mail. The couple’s wedding, initially scheduled for 2019, was postponed until 2020 because of the pandemic. Neither of them seemed to mind posting pictures of their courtship online. They use Instagram to keep their followers up to speed on their daily activities at home and on their travels worldwide (their cute Aussie Doodle, LouLou, also makes regular appearances). In this article, we will discuss who Jesse palmer married and many more things related to him.

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Who Is Jesse Palmer Married Too?

Originally from Brazil, Fardo established herself in the Big Apple. Although she may have started modeling at some point in 2016, she boasted on social media about her new comp cards from New York Model Management. Fardo’s Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes photos from photo shoots and photos of her on the runway. Besides being comfortable in front of the camera, Fardo has also dabbled in photography as a job.

The Brazilian model has previously posted several photos from her modeling career on Instagram. Fardo shared photographs of various New York City restaurant dishes, such as drinks and sugary pancakes, on her Instagram in 2016 and 2017. She also showed off a wedding shot she had taken of a newlywed couple. Who is Jesse palmer married to?

who is jesse palmer married to
who is jesse palmer married to

Where They Both Met?

Palmer and Fardo both have careers in the entertainment industry, but they met outside of work during a boxing class. The former NFL quarterback recently told the Daily Mail that he and his fiancée, Fardo, met at a boxing class and felt a “strong connection” with her. “She has taught me and cares for me like no one else,” he continued. “Because of her, I’ve become the person I always wanted to be. She adores me without condition.” who is Jesse palmer married to?

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Did they keep Their Wedding A Secret?

Even though Fardo and Palmer have been very open about their romance online, they have kept their wedding a secret. Their followers didn’t even know they were married until the summer of 2021 when they were spotted wearing wedding bands.

who is jesse palmer married to
who is jesse palmer married to

After having to postpone their wedding in Provence, France, the couple finally tied the knot on June 5, 2020, in a small and intimate ceremony at the home of a close friend in Connecticut. They told PEOPLE, “We were only permitted to invite a select group of close friends that lived in the greater N.Y.C. area and were in quarantine at the time.”

We had a wonderful day, and we can’t wait till our entire families can join us in celebrating our love. Despite the low-key celebration, the happy couple was overjoyed with their wedding day. They exclaimed, “We feel so fortunate and lucky to have discovered each other!” whether they had a large or small wedding party.

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