Jay Mohr Divorce: Was Wife Facing Mental Problems?

Jay mohr divorce: PEOPLE has learned that after 9 years of marriage, Jay Mohr has filed for divorce from his wife Nikki Cox. In court documents acquired by PEOPLE, the actor said there were insurmountable differences. A spousal support provision was included in the couple’s prenuptial agreement, as evidenced by papers filed on Tuesday. Attorney Samantha Spector also claims in the documents that Mohr wants sole physical custody of their son Meredith Daniel because Cox “has a major, continuing drug issue which has impacted her ability to care for” the 5-year-old. Mohr’s petition asks for joint drug testing. Jay mohr divorce.

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Jay Mohr Divorce

However, it is stated that Spector did not inform Cox of this request because “there is a chance that [Cox] would harm herself if she believes her drug usage and lifestyle will be revealed publicly since she has threatened to kill herself on several times.” However, Mohr told PEOPLE on Thursday night, “We are extremely wedded, very in love, and that’s all there is.” Mohr’s wife penned all the material for his latest standup CD, Happy. And a Lot., which was released last year.

The Santa Barbara LOL Comedy Festival was the setting for the hour-long program about Mohr and Cox’s marriage and family. Cox, then age 38, first met Mohr, then age 45, in 2004 when he appeared in an episode of her Las Vegas show on NBC. They started dating in January 2006, engaged in February and tied the knot on Christmas Day. Jay mohr divorce.

jay mohr divorce
jay mohr divorce

Wife Has Drug And Mental Problems

It appears unlikely that Jay Mohr will reverse his divorce from Nikki Cox for a second time. According to People magazine, the comedian, now 46 years old, has filed new court documents in which he claims his estranged wife, 38 years old, is struggling with drug and mental health issues.

He also seeks physical custody of the couple’s son on his terms. Mohr alleges in the filings that the couple’s five-year-old son, Meredith Daniel, has been negatively impacted by their continuing cohabitation since he filed for divorce, for a second time, in December of last year.

He cited many incidents, including Cox leaving the oven on while she and Meredith were sleeping and giving the kid a double dose of medicine, which resulted in his vomiting in the middle of the night, as evidence of her alleged incompetence as a parent.

The actor further claimed that Meredith’s emotional regressiveness and the child’s “urinating and defecating in his trousers” resulted from her presence. According to court documents obtained by People, “Nikki’s poor parenting decisions harm Meredith’s wellbeing.” jay mohr divorce.

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Her inability to enforce consequences for Meredith’s misbehavior has forced me to take on that role. When I’ve gone to check on Meredith in the middle of the night, I found her and Nikki in bed watching cartoons and snacking on candy at two in the morning.

jay mohr divorce
jay mohr divorce

Mohr added that Cox told him in January that she was pregnant again and that she assumed the baby was his even though he is azoospermic, which means that his semen does not contain sperm. Mohr filed for divorce from Cox in July, citing the actress’s use of self-medication to deal with depression and his concern for his son’s wellbeing.

Six days later, he withdrew the petition, explaining to Page Six, “We are very wedded, very in love, and that’s all there is.” Mohr stated, “While I still love Nikki, I also acknowledge that we can no longer be married to each other, and I cannot continue to raise our son in a poisonous atmosphere,” in the docs, he filed for divorce for the second time.

Comedian Tim Meadows and actress Courteney Cox began dating in 2004 and tied the knot two years later. A son named Jackson is the product of his first marriage to fashion model Nicole Chamberlain. jay mohr divorce.

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