Four People Are Hurt And Three Cars Are Damaged In A Terrible Hit-And-Run In Woodland Hills

Around 11:30 on Saturday morning, a vehicle struck a car in the San Fernando Valley neighbourhood of Woodland Hills. However, the driver left the accident scene before the right authorities could reach them.

The motorist struck two more automobiles while en route to the site, injuring four people. The collision happened at the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and DeSoto Avenue. Three people suffered injuries severe enough to warrant treatment since, according to the hospital, they are in critical condition.

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A rear-ended Mercedes and a Toyota Avalon were also engaged in the hit-and-run event. The hit-and-run vehicle was a Chrysler Sebring. The Toyota Avalon’s middle-aged driver receives specialized hospital care because his automobile crash injuries have left him in critical condition.

According to witnesses, six ambulances and almost thirty firefighters responded to the call. If caught, the hit-and-run motorist may be charged with several crimes, including assault with a dangerous weapon and eluding police at the site of an accident.

Witnesses of the incident claim they are lucky to be still alive. A hit-and-run accident victim may be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained due to the occurrence. However, it is crucial that individuals acquire therapy or legal assistance from a knowledgeable local woodland hills personal injury attorney.

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It could be more challenging to obtain compensation for hit-and-run accidents and secondary hit-and-run accidents since the driver’s actions might have fallen beyond the purview of the insurance coverage.

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