Hayley Erbert Accident: How She Got Injured?

Hayley erbert accident: The “Dancing With the Stars” cast member said, “healing cuddles” alongside a white love emoji and posted a photo of herself on December 18, 2022, lying down with her two dogs. Erbert didn’t say what had happened to her, but it seemed like she had cuts and bruises on the side of her forehead. Erbert confirmed to her fans that she had been in an accident the following day when she posted another Instagram Story but gave no further details. In this article, we will discuss Hayley erbert accident.

Erbert Said She Will Share More About What Happened To Her ‘Soon’

Erbert addressed her injury on social media after receiving messages from admirers asking her what occurred and others wishing her a swift recovery. Long story short, I was in an accident, but I’m Okay! Thank you, everybody, for your love last night. Will elaborate soon, XO,” she penned. It’s unknown exactly what happened to Erbert; it may have been a car crash, an accident during practice, or something else.

Injuries to Erbert’s shoulder during rehearsals for a dance with her fiance, Derek Hough, just weeks before the season 31 finale of “Dancing With the Stars” preceded this accident by a few weeks. “Hayley fell awkwardly and hard into her shoulder when we were performing a lift. We danced a hundred times. We attempted to rehearse the dance, but we soon discovered that Hayley had injured her shoulder.

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The real dancer that Hayley was, she was prepared to dance through the pain. Hough explained the situation in an Instagram video, saying, “Sometimes, and, at this moment, we thought it best to dance another day.” Erbert was scheduled for an MRI but did not provide further updates regarding his ailment. Unfortunately, she missed the last episode of DWTS.

hayley erbert accident
hayley erbert accident

Hayley Erbert Accident

To avoid leaving anyone waiting, I’ll give you the short version: “Many thanks for love the night before; I was in an accident, but I’m fine!” Will elaborate more fully shortly XO, she wrote. Possible scenarios include Erbert being involved in a minor car accident, something happening during dancing rehearsal, or something else entirely. Erbert hurt her shoulder on March 31 while preparing for the finale of “Hitting the Dance Floor with the Stars” with her life partner, Derek Hough.

We were moving several times and doing a lift when Hayley stumbled and fell heavily onto her shoulder. We tried going through the dance again but saw Hayley’s shoulder hurt. Being a true artist, Hayley was ready to battle through the nerves and give her all nevertheless. Hough stated in an Instagram video, “Anyway, sometimes, and certainly, at this moment, we considered it best to move one more day.”

hayley erbert accident
Hayley erbert accident

It’s unclear whether Erbert’s recent injuries have prevented her from moving forward with wedding plans. She and Hough have not said when they plan to tie the knot, but based on their past statements, it seems likely that it will happen in 2023. Hayley erbert accident.

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Erbert & Hayley Are Planning to Get Married Soon

A few times after she and Hough were engaged in June 2022, Erbert told People magazine that she and Hough would tie the knot soon. “Neither of us is looking for a lengthy commitment. Erbert told the media source, “We waited to be engaged; it’s like we’re just ready for that next chapter of our lives,” which he later clarified as meaning that he didn’t think made “complete sense.”

To her, “finding the venue and obviously the invites and just every little aspect feels onerous,” she said. But we’ll have a wedding planner and many pals to help us.” It’s unclear if Erbert’s latest ailments have prevented her from completing wedding preparations or have delayed them. Although she and Hough haven’t revealed a specific wedding date, it seems likely that they’ll tie the knot in 2023. As in this article, we covered everything related to Hayley erbert accident.

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