65 Movie: All We Know About The Adam Driver Dinosaur Movie

65 movie: Since the advent of social media, it has appeared that promoting a movie is simpler than ever. Inevitably, this helps both studios and viewers, as more informed viewers have more control over what they see next and can better spread the word about a movie’s success. Some could disagree and say this is mostly good for the film industry, but that’s a discussion for another day.

However, this does imply that many people are intrigued when a film with a terrific cast, crew, and premise comes along and, for whatever reason, chooses to remain enigmatic. It’s not surprising that a film of 65’s size flies under the radar, as many smaller indie films and art house experiments do. The film 65 has been talked about long since it was announced in 2020, and Adam Driver was cast in the lead role shortly after that.

In today’s publicity-obsessed atmosphere, that was enough time for many plot points to leak out. Sadly, we’ve only heard rumors and superficial details disclosed, and it’s been so long that many people think it must be a marketing ploy. For those who have to wait until December 2022 for a trailer, here is everything we know about 65… so far.

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65 Movie Story Details

In the year 65, humanoid astronaut Mills, played by Adam Driver, crashes to Earth after his ship is hit by an asteroid while taking 35 passengers on an exploration expedition. In the Jurassic period, Mills landed on Earth 65 million years ago. Mills faces out against towering T-Rexes and other dinosaurs that appear as they walk out of Jurassic Park, with only the barest essentials for protection. Mills also safeguards Koa, a small girl and the sole survivor of the crash.

65 Movie Cast

With its setting at least 65 million years ago, 65 features a skeleton crew in the human cast. To complement Adam Driver’s portrayal of Mills, Ariana Greenblatt will play Koa. Also making an appearance in 65 is Chloe Coleman, in what capacity is still unknown. Without human actors, the dinosaurs will play most of the supporting roles in 65. However, more human characters may surface in 65, presumably before Mills even begins his mission in space, thanks to his radio contact with his supervisors.

65 Movie Release Date

The film’s release date has shifted multiple times during development and post-production for unknown reasons, with various sources giving varying accounts of each shift. The film’s release date, May 13, 2022, was announced in May 2020; however, other rumors suggested an April release. Since then, the release date has been pushed back significantly, and fans won’t see it in theatres until March 10, 2023.

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65 Movie Trailer

Just below, you may watch the 65 teaser trailer. The film’s trailer promises an exciting survival story; if it lives up to expectations, 65 will be one of the year’s most memorable science fiction films. The trailer for A Quiet Place, directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, exudes the same somber, anxious vibe that permeates the entire film.

Driver fits in well as the nerdy protagonist who doesn’t know what’s going on, and the soundtrack and tempo pick up when the prehistoric perils are revealed. The teaser builds to a brilliantly executed jump scare, cementing 65’s status as one of 2023’s most anticipated science fiction films.

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