Ali Spice Car Crash Suspect: “I’m Not Hiding”

OCEAN VIEW – TikTok celebrity Ali Spice and two other people were killed in the grey Toyota Tacoma crash on State Road 44 early on December 11; the driver of the vehicle has not yet been identified by police, but according to the family of one of the victims, they do. Kyle Moser, 25, of Daytona Beach, Spice, whose actual name is Alexandra Dulin, 21, of Indianapolis, and Ava Fellerman, 20, of Clearwater, all perished in the collision. The driver, 22-year-old Devin Perkins of New Smyrna Beach, was critically hurt.

The Toyota Tacoma’s driver escaped the site of the crash on foot. Ashley Minton, Moser’s sister-in-law, and Angela Gillis, Moser’s sister, claimed that Tom Petry of Orange City was the driver in Facebook posts. Gillis published a screenshot of Petry’s Facebook page in a post where she said he was “on the run” and urged anyone with information to “call the authorities.” The Florida Highway Patrol is looking into the collision. The driver’s identity has not been made public by the authorities, and no charges have been brought.

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Tom Petry Addressed Claims He Was The Driver Responsible For The Wrong-Way Crash

A Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter tracked down Petry on Thursday and inquired about the posts and remarks on social media. He said from behind closed doors, “There’s a lot of lies out there. “When my attorney visited FHP, they already knew who I was.” FHP does not have a warrant out for me without

denying that he was the driver. And he added, “I’m not hiding.” Petry claimed that FHP investigators had previously met with his attorney, Patrick McGeehan. Facebook is how the two women obtained that information on the driver. According to Gillis, the mother of the 36-year-old Deltona lady who was a passenger in the Tacoma, is friends with Moser’s mother’s boyfriend.

Due to Dulin, who has nearly a million followers on the social media platform TikTok and is well-known for posting dancing videos and moments from her job as a Hooters waitress, the crash has garnered attention from all over the world. In the hours following the collision, McGeehan, of the Daytona Beach-based Musca Law Firm, claimed he called FHP and contacted the traffic murder investigator to let her know he represented Petry.

When I offered to make my client (the client) available to the FHP investigator, McGeehan stated, “I was told they were still investigating.” “They informed me that no warrant had been issued for my client,” When specifically asked if his client was the driver, the lawyer failed to respond, invoking the attorney-client privilege.

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Florida Highway Patrol Says No New Information In Ali Spice Car Accident

When asked on Thursday if Petry and his attorney had spoken to the troopers conducting the investigation, FHP Lt. Tara Crescenzi responded that there was no new information to report. According to Crescenzi, “We have not yet arrested about the matter.” We cannot confirm any additional information because the criminal investigation in this matter is still highly active. Since Sunday, according to McGeehan, his client has been ready to speak with FHP investigators, and all of his legal options have been exhausted. “FHP might or might not want to talk to him about the crash,”

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