Officer And Woman In Waukesha Shoot At Each Other In The Basement Of A House; The Woman Shooter Is Found Dead

On Oakdale Drive near Wisteria Lane on Wednesday in the late afternoon, a Waukesha police officer was shot while conducting a welfare check. Hannah Pierce, who resides across the street, claimed to be at home when the tumultuous situation started.

Pierce stated, “I kept hearing a lot of sirens and I was thinking, gosh, something really must be going on. “I came downstairs and that’s when we kept seeing, I guess, around 10 cop vehicles come flying down the road so we stepped out and they just kept coming,” the woman said. “I glanced out the window and saw the fire engines and all the lights.”

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Officers were called to the house at about 3:35 p.m., according to the police, at the request of the landlord because his renter was “displaying erratic behavior.”

“The renter who lives next door to this property, which is a side-by-side, reported to the landlord that the female resident is drilling into the concrete in the basement. The tenant is refusing to open the door for the caller and claims that the neighbors who called on her are, quote, “killing people in the basement,” when the caller arrives on the scene “said a dispatcher.

Police claim that as they were searching the home in the basement, the woman opened fire on the cops. Waukesha Capt. Dan Baumann reported that a gun was discovered on the site.

According to Baumann, the cop retaliated by shooting the female shooter. The woman was located in the basement by police using a drone. She was already dead when they located her in the duplex. She may have passed away from other causes as well, but Baumann did not say so.

The way the second officer was hurt was kept a secret by Baumann. He stated that both of the male policemen are receiving treatment and are in good health. The cop who was shot, according to Baumann, was donning a ballistic vest.

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If the cop had not been wearing a bulletproof vest, the bullet would have likely hit him in the upper chest, one of the vital organs, and the outcome may have been different, according to Baumann.

One cop has 21 years of experience and is 44 years old. The other had 12 years of experience and was 38 years old. The primary investigative agency will be the Greenfield Police Department.

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