“There Was A Lot Of Screaming.” A Shooting Is Being Looked Into In The Parking Garage Of Arden Fair Mall

SANTA CRUZ — After a shooting broke out in the parking garage just 11 days before Christmas, panic rippled throughout Arden Fair Mall. Police said they have not yet found a victim and they do not yet have any suspects in custody.

Store staff and customers were shaken when bullets were fired at noon on Wednesday as people were getting in and out of their automobiles. Brande Rife was forced to take cover after being trapped in the gunshot incident.

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Rife remarked, “There was a lot of shouting.” I wasn’t attempting to get shot, so I was hiding behind the pillars and rolling around on the ground there.

Before numerous automobiles drove off, Rife claimed to have heard five or six gunshots and a lot of yelling. Store managers were informed via an automated phone call from the mall, and were instructed to remain indoors in the aftermath. Officers arrived, but there were no suspects, no victims, and the shopping had already begun.

The 2020 Black Friday shooting at Arden Fair is followed by this shooting by a gap of two years. One adolescent was detained for murder while two others were slain. According to police, a verbal argument preceded the fatal altercation.

Following the shooting, Arden Fair began working with groups in the community, like Brother to Brother, to address minor incidents at the mall, including disagreements, and stop them before they got out of hand.

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Police are looking into a second gunshot that occurred there during the holiday shopping season, despite their outreach efforts and extensive mall security.

During the busy holiday shopping season, police do increase their patrols at the mall. They are thinking about including more.

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