Meek Mill Fights Back After Kanye West Disses Him On Clubhouse

Over the weekend, the increasingly contentious Chicago rapper teamed up with Clubhouse regular Wack 100 to host an impromptu Q&A on the social media platform, charging fans $20 to tune in.

During the course of their roughly 50-minute talk, Ye brought up the outrage he’s received for his “White Lives Matter” shirt once more and said the powers that be have lined up a lot of celebs to call him out over the controversial apparel.

Kanye supposedly found it humorous that Meek, an ardent critic of his in recent years, was included in the circle of stars instructed to keep him in check.

“I put ‘White Lives Matter’ on a T-shirt and people are like, ‘Oh, you know what? We need to go out and find famous people. Come on, guys, we need to round up Puff Daddy, Dave Chappelle, and Meek Mill. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell made someone believe Meek Mills could talk to me?! Kanye remarked, then burst out laughing.

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You’re kidding me, this is the funniest thing ever. I’m ready to laugh so hard I cry, man. Apologies if you were hoping to hear from Meek Mills. I’m afraid not. I won’t even get to my punchline!

Yeezy had a hard time stifling his laughter even though Wack 100 pointed out that Meek is a “gangsta.” “Naww, I’m literally in tears,” he added before he collected himself. OK, please wait… Whew… I know it wasn’t your joke, but that was the best part.

After Kanye West made more controversial remarks, including that Jews are utilized as “middlemen” by the Chinese to “manage” Black people, the Clubhouse session was ultimately terminated.

For violating Clubhouse’s rules, “yesterday we took measures to shut down a conversation,” the site said. Those who broke the rules were also put on suspension. Our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service make it clear that we will not tolerate any sort of harassment, discrimination, or abuse of our service.

The rapper Meek Mill responded to Kanye West’s insults on Twitter on December 11, saying that, unlike Mr. West, he still has his family, respect, and mental health.

Never sold my soul for acclaim or wealth… He concluded, “I still have my family… my people respect me.” It’s true, I’m a prison-break specialist… This entire month I’ll be spending my time in community service working directly with kids. Today, I’m hanging out with my kid and his pals. See you at the Clubhouse at 50, hehe.

And he continued on Twitter: “I mean 50 on clubhouse drawing and not doing any positive whit ya following at that age is hitttttt… The clubhouse is a social platform for people of all ages.

Meek Mill’s displeasure with Kanye West’s recent behavior is no secret. Meek accused Ye of being anti-Black in a scathing Instagram Story shortly after Ye revealed his aforementioned “White Lives Matter” shirt during his Yeezy Season 9 show in Paris.

I used to put my headphones on and listen to ye in jail to get pumped up about God every night. He captioned a clip of Kanye reportedly dissing Meek for advocating for jail reform while rapping about “things that might get you locked up” with the words “and got home and watched him shit on my name and brand like nothing.”

I won’t say anything since… But I always thought you were one of those nerds trying to pick on street n-ggas. That’s what you told Boosie, right there. Knowing some of you crazy and lame people hurts me deeply.

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I’ve been hot since I was 13, so I don’t need raps from any n-ggas. @justinlaboy, don’t invite me to any of those weird ass parties you go to with your bro. He continued: “Coming from an n-gga that’s been paying for your support ever since he dropped, but the things you do for the spotlight are driving you nuts,” he says.

Look at how aggressively you attacked me, n-ggas! You must really despise your own kind, the way you talk down to me and my outspoken ways. Even though @vory looks up to you, you still haven’t posted his album after all the hard work he put in for you. You absolutely did not forget to mention that Jack Harlow was the sexiest man in Kentucky.

Meek continued his attacks on Kanye on the “God Did” freestyle off his Flamerz 5 mixtape, in which he again accused the troubled rap star of selling out.

Never will I be like Kanye and sell my soul for money. “It’s amazing that I used to bring you to my jailhouse on lock day/Famous bitches have my heroes looking at me sideways/I don’t need no verses from you niggas, I did it my way,” he said.

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