Steven Tyler Illness? Aerosmith Cancel Las Vegas Concerts

The American rock band Aerosmith had to cancel two residency shows at the Dolby Live theatre in Las Vegas because the lead singer, Steven Tyler, got sick. The shows were supposed to happen on December 3 and December 5. Aerosmith had said before that Steven Tyler would be back on stage Monday. But the band has now confirmed that it will also not be playing on Monday. The 74-year-old lead singer has a mysterious illness that caused the shows to be canceled.

The band’s residency at the Park MGM hotel resort in Las Vegas, called “Deuces Are Wild,” started in September and will last until December 11. The band has said that people who bought tickets through Ticketmaster will get their money back through the Ticketmaster website, and people who bought other tickets will get their money back where they bought them. steven Tyler illness.

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Steven Tyler Illness What Happened To Him?

Steven Tyler got sick after the Vegas shows were canceled, but neither the band nor Tyler talked about what was wrong. Tyler put the news on his Instagram Stories again. Even though not much is known about the singer’s current illness, it is known that he has had a foot condition for a long time because he has shared photos of his misshapen and swollen toes more than once.

In May of this year, some of Aerosmith’s summer residency shows had to be moved because Steven Tyler went to rehab after having foot surgery. In a joint statement, the group said that the singer relapsed while dealing with the pain of the surgery. Morton’s neuroma is a nerve condition that Steven Tyler is said to have. The singer has been to rehab more than once, according to the medical website for Louetta Foot and Ankle.

In the 1980s, when his career was at its height, he went to rehab for the first time. In the early 2000s, he relapsed and went back to recovery in early 2009. This time, he did so after taking prescription drugs after foot surgery. steven Tyler illness.

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Fans Debate Over Aerosmith’s Last-Minute Cancellation Of Las Vegas Concert

Fans were upset that Aerosmith called off their Las Vegas residency at the last minute. Just two hours before it was supposed to start, the show was called off. Many fans said they had already spent money on getting there and staying there. steven Tyler illness.

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