Mike Hill And Cynthia Divorce: Settlement Reached!

A divorce agreement has been reached between Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill, and it has been signed, sealed, and finalized. Less than two months after declaring their decision to separate, the couple has come to an agreement… TMZ has obtained knowledge.

The former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the sports anchor for Fox Sports did not waste any time in putting together the divorce agreement. A judge from the Fulton County court signed off on it Thursday, which means that they are now officially single.

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Back in October, the exes passed their second anniversary without any kind of ceremony, and then just a few days later they made the announcement that they were ending their relationship. TMZ was able to get their hands on the divorce documents, in which Cynthia accuses Mike of having “inappropriate adulterous relations” and states that their marriage is beyond repair and there is no possibility of it being saved. Mike Hill and Cynthia Divorce .

As for Mike’s side of the story, he has decided to maintain his silence and has stated that he will not provide any sort of reaction to the charges. In point of fact, he was the one to sign the divorce papers first, on October 20; Cynthia did not sign it until November 1.

During their two years together, the now-ex-couple never combined their money, taxes, or properties in any way, which made it simple for them to go their separate ways after the relationship ended.

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They have two different residences, which each of them intends to keep. They did not have any children together, and they have both decided that neither of them will be responsible for paying spousal support. Mike didn’t even retain a lawyer! Mike Hill and Cynthia Divorce.

The celebration of Cynthia and Mike’s wedding, which took place in the year 2020 at the Governors Towne Club in Georgia, was documented for the thirteenth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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