Vinland Saga Season 3: Will There Be Another Season Of Anime?

In his historical manga Vinland Saga, creator Makoto Yukimura reimagines the Vikings’ journey to the New World. The series debuted in Kdansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine in April 2005 and ran until December of that year, when it was relocated to the monthly magazine Afternoon.

The manga alludes to the Vikings’ exploration of North America and draws inspiration from a number of Icelandic sagas. The first season of the animated TV series, produced by Wit Studio and airing from July 8 to December 30, 2019, premiered in 2019. MAPPA Studios is currently working on Season 2. The series’ overwhelming success compels us to spill the beans on everything we know about Vinland Saga Season 3.

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What Do We Know About Vinland Saga Season 3?

It all started in April of 2005 in the Weekly Shnen Magazine from publisher Kdansha. After a hiatus beginning in October of that year, Kdansha’s Afternoon magazine picked up the series again beginning in December.

This shift occurred because Makoto Yukimura was unable to keep up with the weekly tempo; one chapter per week often seems unsuitable for historical series due to the time-consuming nature of research, the length of the story, and the complexity of the sets required. As a result, volumes 1 and 2 are available in two different forms. Afternoon’s release was reprinted, and with it came edits, new jacket designs, and author commentary.

The author occasionally inserts commentary into the creation of Vinland Saga season 3 through omake, special chapters, and other means. The author’s comments in Volumes 1 and 3 speak to Yukimura’s desire to learn and portray the daily life of the Vikings, not just the wars and events of historical chronicles; Volume 2’s omake discusses the research trip he took to Iceland in 2003 before starting the manga.

Haito Kumagai, Kazuoki Suzuki, Tomoyuki Takami, and Daiju Watanabe are Yukimura’s four assistants on the drawings. The anime adaptation was announced on March 19, 2018, by production company Twin Engine and animation studio Wit Studio. Shhei Yabuta oversaw the production, with screenplays by Hiroshi Seko and Kenta Ihara, character designs by Takahiko Abiru, and music by Yutaka Yamada.

When taken together, these factors suggest that Vinland Saga will likely continue beyond its impending second season. We can’t promise more episodes, but our experience tells us that there’s a good chance the show will be back. However, we wouldn’t know for sure 2023 whether or not there will be a third season until late 2024. In any case, 2025 is still a real possibility, and 2026 is not out of the question, too. Fans have been clamoring for a new season, and while that’s likely to come eventually, gauging its timing from the show’s current pace is difficult. Vinland Saga season 3.

Vinland Saga Season 3 Plot

There is currently zero information available on the plot of the third season of Vinland Saga. Why? We don’t know where the second season will end or how the authors will adapt it for a third season because, as we’ve indicated, the third season hasn’t been greenlit yet and the second season isn’t airing until 2023.

For this reason, we can only provide a high-level summary of the show to roughly prepare you for a prospective third season. Thorfinn is a little lad of six in 1002 when he and his family make their home in a remote Icelandic community. Tough but carefree describes life with his father Thors, mother Helga, and older sister Ylfa.

His father, known as the “Troll of Joms,” faked his death in a battle off the coast of Norway so he could escape from the Jomsvikings and escape with his wife to Iceland. His mother is the daughter of King Sigvaldi. In contrast, the only exciting accounts come from the derided Leif Eriksson, who claims to have discovered the mythical Vinland.

When a military vessel arrives, however, the situation alters. Blackmailing Thorfinn’s father into helping her in the Battle of Britain is envoy Floki, sent by King Sigvaldi of Jomsburg. This reluctantly accepts and clears a ship for Jomsburg; he is a war hero who has long since abandoned killing. Together with other ardent village youth and Leif, he sets out on an adventure. Vinland Saga season 3.

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Thorfinn is on the ship but is not being seen. On the other hand, Floki instructs Askeladd, the head of a mercenary group, to eliminate Thor in the Faroe Islands. So, Askeladd and Thors have a fight, and Thorfinn’s dad comes out on top. Even though he risks his life to save his son, he ends up dying in the process. Thorfinn’s only motivation for siding with Askeladd was the hope of exacting retribution in a future duel.

Sweyn, King of the Danes, led an invasion of England led by Vikings, including Askeladd and his crew, six years later. Thorfinn performs Askeladd’s shady tasks so that he can continue their combat. It appears that England lost the battle in 1013.

Only London, ruled by the Jomsviking Thorkell, manages to hold out against the attackers. The Danes leave after yet another unsuccessful assault that ends in a brawl between Thorfinn and Thorkell, and King Sweyn sends his youngest son, Knut, to continue the siege; however, Knut also meets with failure. Thorkell then begins to chase the prince and his trusted companion Ragnar.

Therefore, Askeladd and his group capture the prince. After using Canute as a political pawn for a while, Askeladd eventually sacrifices himself so that Canute can assume the crown. When Thorfinn is denied his vengeance, he confronts the prince and fights until he is defeated. He is then sold as a slave to a farmer. There, Thorfinn mulls over the meaning of his existence, while Canute schemes to become England’s monarch. Vinland Saga season 3.

Vinland Saga Season 3 Release Date

As of now, there has been no official word on whether or not Vinland Saga will return for a third season. It’s still too soon to tell, considering the first season aired only three years ago and the second isn’t expected to run until 2023. On the other hand, there is more than enough content in the ongoing manga series, and the future looks promising given the series’ current popularity. With this in mind, it’s likely that the show will return for a third season. We just can’t predict when it might occur. Vinland Saga season 3.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Trailer

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