In A Freak Accident, Hunter’s Own Dog Shot And Killed Him

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, a new father was sadly killed when his dog mistakenly shot him while they were out hunting in Turkey.

According to Newsflash, the bizarre incident happened last weekend while 32-year-old Ozgur Gevrekoglu went hunting with his friends on the Kizlan Plateau in Samsun Province.

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The disaster occurred as the hunter was preparing to leave, despite the fact that the mission had gone off without a hitch.

Gevrekoglu allegedly discharged the shotgun into the sportsman at close range while putting his pet dog in the car’s trunk after the animal’s paw unintentionally hit the trigger while it was still loaded.

The dog lover was then sent to Alaçam State Hospital but was already dead when she arrived. The man’s body was subsequently moved to the state capital of Samsun for an autopsy while an inquiry into the circumstances of his death, which happened just 10 days after becoming a father, is ongoing.

It’s not clear which pup set off the lethal misfire. Gevrekoglu shared pictures of himself with many dogs, including one from recently in which the cheerful hunter was holding up a string of dead birds and patting a dog at the same time.

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According to some Turkish media outlets, Gevrekoglu was truly murdered, and the dog explanation was just a ruse, according to Newsflash. However, no indication of wrongdoing has yet been discovered by investigators.

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