Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022: How Did The Star From “Gold Rush” Make His Million Dollar Fortune?

Parker Schnabel’s financial struggles are discussed in greater detail here. Parker Schnabel’s wealth has been the subject of much conjecture, beginning with Tony Beets and continuing through to his recent commercial success. he entered this world in Haines, Alaska.

He became well-known for his participation in the Gold Rush series on Discovery Channel. In addition to acting on television, he has also worked for Big Nugget Mine, the mining corporation owned by his family. Parker working in Big Nugget Mine when since he was just 16 years old. South East Road Builders is also owned by Parker. His parents’ names are both Schnabels: Roger and Nancy.

There’s also Payson, Parker’s brother. As of this writing, Parker was seeing Ashley Yole. They made the pregnancy announcement in 2017. In this article, we will discuss Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022.

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Parker Schnabel Early Life

The First Years of Parker’s Existence The world was introduced to Russell Schnabel in Haines, Alaska on July 22nd, 1994. His parents, Roger and Nancy Schnabel, raised him and his brother, Payson.

He has a sibling too, a brother named Roger. Parker Schnabel has been employed by mining companies since he was five years old. During his youth, Parker helped run his grandfather’s mining business, Big Nugget, which was founded by John Schnabel.

Young enough that his feet still couldn’t reach the pedals, he was already operating massive machinery. Parker Schnabel was still a high school student and a member of the varsity basketball team when he became famous.

Parker intended to study geology or mining studies at university so that he could one day run the family business. Parker loves to explore and spend time in the great outdoors to the fullest extent.

After finishing school, he was put in charge of the daily operations at the mine. After his grandfather John stepped down from running the mine on a day-to-day basis, his grandson Parker took over the role.

He took charge, led a team of miners who were twice his age, and proved that he could successfully mine for substantial gold. Parker made the controversial decision to forego higher education.

Rather than staying in his hometown mine, he decided to move to the Yukon in search of new economic opportunities. He funded the company’s inception with a portion of his own education trust fund.

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Parker Schnabel Career

In 2010, the Discovery Channel premiered the first season of “Gold Rush Alaska,” more commonly referred to as “Gold Rush,” and Parker is one of the main characters in the show.

The most memorable parts of his appearance on the show are the times when he tried to help the miners at the Porcupine Creek claim but discovered that they knew very little about what they were doing.

In the fourth season, he decides to go it alone in the mining industry by leaving the family mine. In his first year as a gold mine owner, Parker unearthed an incredible 1029 ounces of the precious metal.

As an added bonus, Schnabel was a central character on the reality show Gold Rush: The Dirt from 2012 to 2016. Throughout 2017, he was the star of the reality TV spin-off Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. He had a hand in creating all three series. To date, Parker has mined gold worth over $13 million. Career play a massive role in Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022.

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Parker Schnabel Personal Life

Australian veterinary nurse Ashley Youle dated American musician Parker Schnabel for a time. On the show, she participated in his gold mining efforts in the Klondike. Parker and her long-term partner of two years announced their breakup in December 2018.

Sheena Cowell, an associate producer on his show, has been linked to him as a possible new flame in 2019. He freely acknowledges that his work and mining enterprise take precedence over his personal life.

He spared no expense, shelling out over $950.000, to buy the sprawling Alaskan mansion of his dreams. In January of 2017, Parker angered fans by announcing on Facebook that he was about to reveal his baby to the world. He later changed his story to reveal that his “baby” was actually a fur baby—his new puppy. Because of this, many people began to feel betrayed. With his personal life everyone is interested in Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Jul 22, 1994 (28 years old)
Gender: Male

Net worth estimates put Parker Schnabel at $8 million. His most prominent media appearances have been on the reality TV series Gold Rush and its spin-off, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. This all is Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022.

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