Christina Ricci Wednesday: Character In The Series, Explained

Now a well-known actress, Christina Ricci has starred in programs like Yellowjackets and movies like Monster. She first gained fame as a young actress in the 1990s Addams Family movies, in which she played the sarcastic Wednesday Addams. Wednesday played by Ricci always stole the show, even though all of the other actors in those flicks are great as well. Fans were overjoyed to hear the news on Wednesday that she would be joining the cast of the series, which stars Jenna Ortega, as she was instrumental in shaping the character for an entire generation. In this article, we will discuss Christina Ricci Wednesday.

Who Does Act Played By Christina Ricci Wednesday?

On the premiere episode of Wednesday, we met Christina Ricci’s character, Mrs. Marilyn Thornhill, who was the lone “normie” teacher at Nevermore Academy. Nevermore is a boarding school for social misfits near the fictional town of Jericho. If you’re an outcast, it could be because you’re a vampire, werewolf, siren, or just an oddball like the Addams family. They refer to people like us by the term “normie.”

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Also, we assumed Mrs. Thornhill was a typical American because of her accent. Thornhill taught botany and was known as the “dorm mom” at the Academy. When no one else was nice to Wednesday, she took her in and made her feel safe. At least they made an effort. Wednesday was quite reserved and did not want to have her personal space invaded. Mrs. Thornhill’s first name, Marilyn, was very certainly a reference to the Addams Family’s archrival, The Munsters, on which the “normie” of the family was also named Marilyn. Christina Ricci Wednesday.

Christina Ricci’s Big Villain Speech

Mrs. Thornhill gave a superb example of a villain’s monologue as she described how her family had dedicated themselves to helping Jericho’s founder, Joseph Crackstone. In Colonial America, he was known as a bigoted hater of outsiders. Thornhill resurrected Joseph Crackstone with the help of an incantation she learned from a book of spells inherited from Wednesday’s ancestor Goody Addams.

Crackstone’s soul was sealed away by a blood spell cast by Goody Addams, so only a member of the Addams family could break the curse. This individual was Wednesday. As soon as Wednesday enrolled at the Academy, Gates put on an act of friendliness toward her. Needing to wait for the Blood Moon’s night to cast the spell. Wednesday, aided by her companions in Nevermore, was successful in vanquishing the ghost of Joseph Crackstone. Christina Ricci Wednesday.

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Marilyn/Laurel was so frantic that she tried to shoot Wednesday, but Wednesday blocked the shot with a solid kick to the face. What happened to Laurel Gates, did she end up in prison? Is she no longer alive? In case they decide to bring back Christina Ricci’s villainous character, the series finale on Wednesday left a lot of room for uncertainty. The season finale left us with the hint that there are more mysteries to be solved in Jericho. Christina Ricci could reprise her role as Laurel Gates if the second season of Wednesday is greenlit. Christina Ricci Wednesday.

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