A Time Called You: Netflix Confirms The Casting Season 1 And What We Know So Far

A Time Called You, the Korean version of the Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day, is one of the Korean dramas that we are quite eager about when it arrives on Netflix in 2023. This is one of the K-Dramas that will make 2023 another excellent year for Korean dramas on Netflix. A Time Called You will debut on Netflix in 2023; in the meantime, here is all we know about the show so far.

The upcoming South Korean Netflix Original drama series “A Time Called You” is an adaptation of the Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day,” which was originally broadcast in Taiwan. Kim Jin Won, whose prior credits include My Country: The New Age and Just Between Lovers, is directing the drama. Won has also directed television productions in the past.

‘A Time Called You’ Netflix Release Date

A Time Called You is a South Korean drama that has not yet been given a release date by Netflix; nevertheless, it is anticipated that the streaming service will make the announcement sometime in 2023.

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‘A Time Called You’ Netflix Cast

After starring in four different Netflix Originals, Jeon Yeo Been is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable faces on the streaming service. The actress appeared in an episode of Live playing a supporting role, but since then, she has played main roles in all of her movies and shows for Netflix.

Up to this point, Jeon Yeo Bin has portrayed leading roles in the films Night in Paradise and Be Melodramatic, as well as Vincenzo, and he will do so once again in the series Glitch. Jeon Yeo Been plays both Han Jun Hee and Kwon Min Joo in the film A Time Called You. She is played by Jeon Yeo Been.

A Business Proposal and Abyss are both Netflix original shows, and Ahn Hyo Seop has previously starred in both of them. Ko Yeun Jun and Nam Si Heon are the two characters that Ahn Hyo Seop plays in the drama titled “A Time Called You,” just like his co-star.

A Time Called You is the first Netflix Original series in which Kang Hoon starred as the primary character. Previously, the actor has only been in supporting or guest parts in three other Netflix Original series. You Are My Spring, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, and Little Women are some of the movies in which Kang Hoon has appeared. The part that Lee Min Goo will play in the show has not yet been revealed, but viewers of the Netflix horror thriller All of Us Are Dead may remember him from his previous appearance as Lee Jin Soo. Additionally, he will have a supporting part in the pilot episode of the original series Glitch.

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‘A Time Called You’ Storyline

A year has gone by since Han Jun-boyfriend hee’s Ko Yeon-jun was taken from this world. She hasn’t gotten over the death of her boyfriend and misses him very much. She still can’t get over the fact that he passed away. One day, she uses her time travel device to go back to the year 1998, and when she gets there, she discovers that she is a high school student named Kwon Min-Ju.

She becomes acquainted with Nam Si-heon, a senior at the high school, while she is there. She was startled by how much she looked like Nam Si-heon and the late Yeon-jun. Nam Si-heon is an outgoing person who also has an appealing physical appearance. His female classmates hold high regard for him. During this time, Jeong In-Kyu is friends with Nam Si-heon and has a crush on Kwon Min-Ju. He also likes Kwon Min-Ju. Edit Synopsis

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