1899 Cast: Meet The Actors Of This Multilingual Mystery

The furrowed forehead and madness in the eyes are telltale signs that a person has watched the German Netflix series Dark. Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar’s 2017–2020 time-travel mystery, which required a flip-chart of graphs and diagrams to understand, was a cult hit for Netflix and led to a contract between the two companies. The year is 1899 (for a review without spoilers, click here). Friese assured Deadline that she and Odar’s forthcoming Netflix series, “1899,” would be “something unique and wild and insane” because of their previous collaboration on “Dark.”

The writers and directors have promised that the new eight-part period drama would not be a rehash, but that it will instead provide viewers with an entertaining riddle that hearkens back to the pair’s mystery roots. It’s a wrap! Players can’t stop playing 1899 on their screens.

The story begins as a bilingual upstairs-downstairs tale about class and secrets aboard a steamship traveling from England to America at the turn of the 20th century, but it quickly evolves into Something Else. Featuring a large cast of actors from Dark, the Danish dystopian series The Rain, and many others, you may recognize some of these faces. In this article we will discuss about 1899 cast.

1899 Cast

Emily Beecham As Maura Franklin

Since her breakthrough performance alongside Suranne Jones in the 2009 Sally Wainwright thriller Unforgiven, British-American actor Emily Beecham has amassed a substantial body of work in the film industry. Beecham’s recent roles include Fanny in the BBC production of the Nancy Mitford comedy romance The Pursuit of Love, played by Emily Mortimer, and Catherine, the adoptive mother of Estella, played by Emma Stone, in the Disney prequel Cruella.

She has appeared in the Coen Brother’s Hail, Caesar! as Dierdre, as well as Guy Ritchie’s The Interpreter and Kirsten Scott Thomas’ directorial debut, My Mother’s Wedding. When the story opens in 1899, she’s playing Dr. Maura Franklin, a passenger on the Kerberos who’s looking for her brother, who went missing a year earlier. A part of the 1899 cast.

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Andreas Pietschmann As Eyk Larsen

Though Pietschmann has been a regular on German TV since the 1990s, his breakthrough role as Konny von Brendorp in the 2007 action criminal thriller GSG-9 brought him widespread recognition. Starring alongside Udo Kier in the children’s fantasy series 4 Against Z and alongside Lars Mickelsen, in the action drama,

The Team are just two of his many on-screen performances. Fans of Dark (created by the same people who brought you 1899) will remember him best for his role as “The Stranger,” a mysterious figure whose entrance sets the whole thing in motion. In 1899, he plays Captain Eyk, a sad widower who begins to suspect corruption inside the shipping firm.

Aneurin Barnard As Daniel

Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard has played the cunning Richard III in the Starz period drama series The White Queen and Boris Drubotskoy in the latest BBC production of Tolstoy’s War & Peace. He was formerly rumored to be in consideration for the lead role in Doctor Who. He also had a brief but significant part in the final season of the BBC gangster thriller Peaky Blinders and a quick and unpleasant demise in the first season of the BBC crime drama The Pact. In 1899, he portrays the mysterious Daniel, a passenger who joins the ship just as strange events begin to transpire. A part of the 1899 cast.

Rosalie Craig As Virginia Wilson

Rosalie Craig recently starred opposite Michelle Dockery and Sienna Miller in Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal, alongside Catherine Tate in The Nan Movie, and has appeared in numerous supporting TV roles, from Endeavour to Father Brown, Truth Seekers, and more, all the way back to her role as the worldly Mrs. Wilson in 1899. The film and stage actor starred as the title character in a production of As You Like It at London’s National Theatre in 2016.

Clara Rosager As Tove

Clara Rosager, a Dane who played Sarah in the dystopian thriller The Rain, is no stranger to Netflix’s wild European genre (opposite her 1899 co-star Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, see below). In addition to her role as Miss Sweden in Misbehaviour, Rosager has appeared as Jean in the comic book adaption Morbius and as Nadya in the Italian financial thriller Devils, both of which are set in 2020. Tove, a pregnant Danish passenger in steerage in 1899, and her pious Christian family become entangled in the bizarre and terrible events. A part of the 1899 cast.

Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen As Krester

Fans of the Danish political drama Borgen will recognize Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen as the older Magnus, son of Birgitte Nyborg (the show’s main character). The Danish actor plays Magnus in the Netflix dystopian film The Rain, alongside Clara Rosager. In the 1899 production, Tonnesen portrays Krester, Tove’s brother, played by Clara Rosager. Troubled young Dane Krester is subjected to the intolerance of his fundamentalist Christian parents. A part of the 1899 cast.

Miguel Bernardeau As Angel

Miguel Bernardeau, a huge personality in Spain, plays Angel, a wealthy Spanish gentleman traveling in 1899 with his priest brother Ramiro. The actor has become well-known for his roles as Guzman on the popular Spanish Netflix adolescent drama Elite, the surfing thriller Playa Negra, and the HBO Max co-production Todo Lo Otro. Soon, he’ll be seen on TV as the titular character in the new Zorro show.

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Anton Lesser As Henry Singleton

Anton Lesser is a veteran of both film and theatre, but he is probably best known outside of the UK for his roles as the evil maester Qyburn in Game of Thrones and as CSI Bright in the smash ITV police thriller Endeavour. His extensive film and TV resume includes roles in The Crown, Wolf Hall, and Dickensian. His part in the events of 1899 has been kept secret, for obvious reasons until his episodes air. A part of the 1899 cast.

The Pin As Darrel And Lachlan

Ben Ashenden and Alexander Owen, better known as the British comedy team The Pin, lighten the mood of this odd incident with some good old-fashioned sniping and wolf jokes (also seen recently in Jurassic World: Dominion). They play a couple of Kerberos engine room workers, and they add a pleasant and suitably odd note to 1899’s stew. A part of the 1899 cast.

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